Saturday, May 25, 2013

VIP: Tamara Bench Minnick

My Mom is beautiful. Simple as that. Tamara Bench Minnick is one in a million! I don't know how it worked up in heaven with the family choosing process, but man am I grateful that I ended up with her. I love her. I don't say it enough, but from the bottom of my heart, I love that beautiful, selfless, enduring woman. She is strong, smart, and independent; but also soft and tender hearted. I love looking into her eyes. She has happy eyes, sometimes concerned eyes when she knows something is bugging you. And that smile. She can light up any room she walks into. My favorite is when she grabs my hand and tickles my arm. Her hands are seriously as soft as a babies bottom, luckily I inherited that trait from her. (Boys, my hands are ready to be held, they are really really soft.. hint..hint). Also, if you want a really good hug, my Mom is better than really good. More than that, my Mom has an unconditional love for my brothers and I. Even when we act like dumb teenagers, she ignores our grumpy comments and continues to love us. If I can count on one person in this world to always be there for me, it's her. I wish I could be more like her. She genuinely loves people. My Mom cares, she loves to help, lift, and encourage those around her. When I have children someday, I want to teach them what my Mom taught love! She taught me that it is important to always look outward and never inward. She always says, "It's hard to make dumb mistakes when you're always lost in service!" She lives by that. My Mom is ALWAYS serving others. My Mom is special. I know that she was supposed to be my Mother, and I know that she is the BEST mother on this earth for ME.

On this day 44 years ago the world shone brighter. (Remember age is just a number Mom! And yes, shone is a word, google told me). It's her birthday today. I am super happy that she was born. My Mom is the oldest and only girl, just like me! Although, we have completely opposite personalities, I am still lucky that I got her looks and not my dads..sorry dad. Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! You are incredible.

Here are some fun facts about Tam:
1. She was head cheerleader, and also on Dance Company at Hillcrest high school.
2. She can still do a back flip on the tramp.
3. When she gets nervous she hums.
4. She LOVES sports.
5. Her real name is iMat... (apple genius)
6. If she were stranded on an island she would take diet coke with her and probably not my Dad..
7. She calls everyone "hon", "sweetie", or "dear" even the 48 year old McDonalds worker.
8. She sleep walks.
9. She just might be the DI's biggest contributor. (She threw away my baby blanket..still holding grudge..)
10. My Mom is a really good friend to everyone.


Love your favorite child,

Thursday, May 9, 2013

19 things I've learned in 19 years

Hi Blog.
Whelp, I'm officially 19 years young and that means I'm one away from 20 which makes me feel ancient. I can't believe I've made it 19 years without doing something super dumb. (Everyone clap). I sure have had my fair share of embarrassing moments, time outs from mom and dad for beating my brothers up (and making them cry), and many other learning experiences. Elder Holland says what you do know will always trump what you don't know. I like that. I don't know a lot, but what I have learned in 19 years of living goes as follows...

1. When your dad asks you, "Are we on the same page?" The answer should ALWAYS be yes! Even if he is on page 134 and you are on page 55, "yes" is the one syllable that follows. Are we on the same page?
2. I've learned that when your Mom is happy, everyone is happy. (Including your eardrums and your social life and the clean socks on your feet)
3. When you are asked to put away your laundry, do not shove it underneath your bed! Your mother has X-ray vision and before you can even turn the door knob to bolt it to your friend's house you'll hear your name 10 octaves higher then you want to.... (I learned this the hard way, at least twice) take it or leave it..
4. When Dad says no, ask Mom.
5. When Mom says no, cry.
6. When you hear "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you" ---I don't know I still haven't gotten this one figured out.
Okay enough about the rents... Let's talk about school.
7. Get learned. That's all I've got right now, my gas tank is on empty in this department.
Moving on...
8. If you're going to drink milk out of one of those little cartons, make sure there are no floating
rotten chunks before you drink it. I still feel bad for Danielle in my first grade class who ended up with rotten milk chunks all over her face... Sorry Danielle.
9. It is not pronounced Sal-mon.
10. No matter how crazy nuts your family is, always give them love, be supportive, and then shake them hard and make it clear to them that they are acting crazy nuts because that's what families do.
11. Say thank you, or gracias, which ever you prefer (you can never be overly thankful)
12. If it doesn't matter in 5 years, then don't worry. ( sing bob marley's song and move on)
13. When an anorectal surgeon looks at you and says, "You are worthless, you're horrible, and you'll never be a good tech....swear word swear word swear word!!!" Prove him wrong. (They are naturally grumpy, don't take it personally)
14. Nod like you know what the pedicure ladies are saying in their foreign language and you won't hear one more peep from their sneaky little mouths...
15. Always leave a good tip.
16. The lost remote is always under the couch cushions.
17. Don't wack a tree with a bat unless you want a wasps nest to fall from that tree followed by 7 angry wasps stinging you at the same time.
18. When playing a sport, remind yourself frequently that it isn't the Olympics. (Maybe this is just for me)
19. The golden rule... If you don't have anything nice to say, put duct tape on your mouth.
Just be nice. You never know what someone is going through, and even if you think you really do..well you don't. Be loving. Be generous. Don't be quick to judge. In the end, we are all human, we all make mistakes. We are all learning the same lessons, just in different ways at different times. In the words of Highschool Musical "We're all in this together!" Help a brotha out! Teach someone a lesson, or better yet let someone teach you.
Love always,