Monday, November 25, 2013

Come to the Mountain of the Lord!

I didn't think that this week could top last week, but it did! 

On Friday we had a multi-zona conference with Elder Amado. It was very long, entertaining, and informative... I learned A LOT.

I was expecting to hear about obedience and missionary work, because well, I am a full-time missionary on a mission, right? Boy was I wrong. First let me say, Elder Amado is awesome. He got down on our level, walked around with his microphone and answered questions we had the whole time. But back to the part about how I was wrong... 

He said: "Tengo una pregunta para ustedes, que van a hacer despues la mision?" 
Translation: I have a question for you guys, what are you going to do after your missions?

Cue crickets and awkward silence...

He then send: "Imediatemente casarse!!" "Van a casarse ya!" 
Basic Translation: "get married yesterday"

We talked about marriage for two and a half hours. At first I was sitting there like, 

"Hello, I am a missionary, I want a lecture on obedience and 
how I can help save the souls of the Guatemaltecos! 
What is a boy?"

But he is 100% right. He told us that we didn't have to get married two days, a month, or a year after our missions were ended...the time doesn't matter -- The GOAL is what matters.  He said that we need to put the goal of finding our best friend and then right after we find them, "run to the temple". 
Elder Amado said, 

"Put this goal in your mind and heart and go to the temple, 
find your best friend, and fast."  

So, that is what I learned this week. And that is what I will do! I have no shame in saying it. He talked about how too many YSA's are wasting their time. Well to all of you YSA´s I say: 

Find your person and go to the temple!!!

It seems like the temple was the theme of my week and that is what made it so great! Because the conferencia was on Friday, we weren't able to go to the temple with our recent converts. I won't lie, I was really sad when I found out I couldn't go. My pillow was wet. The past 3 weeks we had worked hard to prepare our recent converts, menos activos, and we invited EVERYONE to go to the temple. But, I was so grateful to be able to listen to Elder Amado and learn! 

I was even more grateful when the Bishop called us that night and said that 77 almas (souls) went to the temple! There were 4 people to a seat on the bus! Of our recent converts, menos activos and investigators, 30 went! Every single recent convert entered the temple and had a beautiful experience. This time when I cried it was a joyful cry. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing these beautiful families enter into the temple! The temple is where it is at!!! 

I am 100% convinced that as we go to the temple worthily 
we will be protected, we will become converted.

Never do anything that would keep you from entering the temple. Go to the temple, run to the temple, SPRINT to the temple. Or take two steps out of your front door and go to the temple (that is how blessed we are in Utah).

Also, this week was awesome because we had stake conference, more like general conference just for Guatemala! It was telecasted (is that even a word) from Utah to here! We got to see and listen to Presidente Eyring, Elder Scott, Elder Falabella, y Hermana Wixom! It was incredible! They definitely spoke to the needs of Guatemala right now!!!I

Ilove the temple. I love my Savior. I know the Book of Mormon is true.
I love you guys! Be happy, healthy, and eat turkey!
Hermana Minnick

I definitely sang, "The Hills are Alive" in this moment!

Our house flooded really bad. This pic was after two hours of
pushing water out the hole in the wall with a broom.

Merry Christmas Family!  Pray with all your hearts that this gets to you!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Put on the Armour of God!

This last week was seriously the best week of my mission!  I wish I could adequately describe how I feel! 

La familia Gomez and Narcy were baptized!  It is literally a miracle to see God's children enter las aguas bautismales.  I LOVE IT! You know how usually baptisms are crazy because Satan gets in the way? Yeah, well this time I am pretty sure he was fast asleep ´taking a nap because it was all smooooth sailin´ (and that is unheard of in Guatemala on baptism days).  Every single person was 20 minutes early to their baptism and then on Sunday, 1 hour early ready for church!  It was AWESOME!  There is no doubt in my mind the Lord prepared every single one of these people to receive the gospel!  The best part is, I know that there are more out there waiting!  I just have to find them!  Pray that I can find them!! 

La familia Gomez

This is Narcy. She is incredible. She was definitley prepared to receive the gospel! She has had the desire to be baptized for a long time but was to afraid to make the step forward. One of my favorite moments in my entire mission was kneeling down in her kitchen and listening to her prayer: 

"Heavenly father, I want to be baptized. When should I be baptized?" 
After we stayed on our knees for 5 minutes,
she stood up, hugged herself started to cry and said, 
"If this is what the spirit feels like, I want to have it all the time." 


I love Guatemala. It smells a little gnarly sometimes but this beautiful country has a special place in my heart.  Here, I have come to know my Savior. I will never understand fully what he went through, but I know He did it because He loves us. I know that only through Him we can receive the greatest gift, which is eternal life.  I want that!  I am striving to use the atonement to the fullest. I have so many imperfections. Through his grace and mercy I know that we can do it!!!

I read a talk this week in the Liahona called, "His grace is sufficient".  Look  it up and read it!  I love the part where it talks about how we need to practice.  

Practice, Practice, Practice! 

We are here to prepare to meet God (Alma 34). We are not perfect!  Don't be hard on yourself!  Strive to become like the Savior and when you fall, use the atonement.  Isn't the plan perfect?! 

Last week we had a noche de hogar (FHE) with a family that is practicing praying as a family and reading the scriptures every night. We talked about putting on the armour of God...
This is Delmy. She put on her armour of God. You should too!  DyC 27

Note from Tami:  I love this picture!!  It is Whit's handwriting on the shields!
Such a fun family night idea!

Every morning when you wake up, your knees better hit the floor. Pray for strength and protection.  Satan is working hard right now.  Put on your armour.  Pray to have the spirit with you!  Put on your armour. Open up the Book of Mormon and read. Put on your armour of God.  Don't you dare leave the house without putting on your armour.  We are in the last days you guys!!  We have got to step it up TODAY! 

I know that the this is the Lord´s church.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true!  I love sharing the gospel with the Lamanites!  Keep practicing!  Keep your held high!  Be the answer to someone's prayer! 

I love you guys! Thanks for your support and prayers!

Hermana Minnick

P.S. On a funny note, this week we taught a lesson to this little old women. Just think "old cat lady", but replace cat with chicken. She had a lot of chickens. One of them made a nest under my skirt.  It was the most uncomfortable 30 minute lesson of my life.  I tried to to kick it out from under my dress but the cute little old woman got mad at me...  So my new best friend is a chicken.    

I found Nemo!

Just two sister missionaries with double chins!  HA!
Don't worry, I will lose this weight before I get back!!!!!

When the Bishop walked up the hill and saw all of us he started singing,
 "I´m dreaming of a white Christmas" 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tender Mercies

As missionaries, we see miracles and experience tender mercies everyday. At first in my mission, I was expecting to see grand miracles and have all of these amazing stories to tell. In the first months of my mission I thought, "So, when am I going to see a miracle?" The truth is, I needed to open my eyes and realize how immensely the Lord has blessed me. Through the small and simple things, great things are brought to pass. A miracle is when someones faith in Christ strengthened, or when somebody reads a verse in the Book of Mormon and feels the spirit, or when somebody shows up to church on Sunday! These are miracles and tender mercies of the Lord! I hope that you guys can learn to recognize and see the tender mercies that the Lord places in your life daily!

I'll share some of mine..

1. Yesterday in Sacrament meeting I understood every word without straining my head until my eyeballs popped out. The gift of tongues is real!!!!

2. It only rained really hard 3 times this week!

3. One night we decided that we deserved a piece of pan and it was close to curfew, so we had to sprint in order to be obedient. I don't remember the last time I sprinted and I have become super uncoordinated. Naturally, I tripped, and my favorite pair of shoes broke in half (this is not the tender mercy). The panaderia was open and they had my favorite kind (tender mercy).

4. I told a joke and everyone laughed. This means that
               a) They can understand my Spanish
               b) I have developed a Latin sense of humor and I am funny. :)

5. I got Dengue fever this week and was out for the count for 2 days, but, every night I went up on the roof and watched the MOST BEAUTIFUL sunsets I have ever seen in my 19 years of living!

6. After a rather difficult lesson in the language department (I have my good days and bad days), Narcy my investigator told me I was a vitamin for her heart.

7. The Spirit guided us to a home of an elderly woman who lives alone. She was really sick and confined to her bed. She told us we were an answer to her prayers.

8. The Lord has protected us as missionaries in dangerous situations.

9. I have the opportunity to go to the temple on the 22nd of this month to see my recent converts enter the temple to perform baptisms for the first time!

10. I have received answers to my prayers, my testimony has grown firmer and stronger, and I know that as I keep my covenants and perserverar hasta el fin, I can and will receive some of the greatest blessings that the Lord has prepared for his children. I know this is true for everyone who is willing to serve the Lord with all of their heart, might, mind and strength!

I love being a missionary. I am thankful to be a member of the Lord's army! 

I love all of you! I challenge you all to be more grateful! Strive to recognize the tender mercies and miracles of the Lord in your lives every day!

Hna Minnick

P.S. Keep writing me!

P.S.S. Here is a quote that I really LOVE:
"SatanĂ¡s tiembla cuando ve de rodillas al mas debil de los santos."
- President Thomas S. Monson

Monday, November 4, 2013


Here in the mission field I am overcoming all of my fears. 

For example:

1.  Cocroaches (I have no idea how to spell anymore). We have a roach that lives in our kitchen and he is FAST!  He also likes to jump out at random times and makes me scream loud enough that the owner of our house comes running up to save me. This week it is my mission to find him and kill him.

2.  I have overcome my fear of all types of other creepy crawling things with more than two eyes.

3.  I have overcome my fear of talking on the phone. Tanner and mom will be happy to hear that.

4.  I am not afraid to share the gospel. You can bet your bottom dollar that any one who looks me in the eye is going to hear something about the restored gospel. 

Do you want to know a secret? When I came on my mission, I had this fear of contacting. I hated it. On the bus, in the street, knocking on doors.  I thought it was so awkward.  Even more awkward because I couldn't speak the language!  One morning I woke up a little discouraged and decided that a talk by Elder Holland would help me snap out of it.  I can't remember what it is called, but I know its recent.  He talks about Peter and how he went back out to the sea to fish.  He talks about how our Savior Jesus Christ went to Peter and asked, 

"Peter, do you love me? Do you love me?" 

Basically his point was, if you love me, then why are you here? Why aren't you out declaring my gospel? Why are you wasting your time?  

This talk sunk deep deep deep into my heart.  It has made all of the difference on my mission.  That same day I sat down on the bus and I dreaded contacting for a second. Then, I remembered why I was here. The words came to my mind, 

"Whitney, do you love me?" 

I love my Savior. Every time I have fear to open my mouth I ask myself, "Do I love my Savior?" The answer of course is always YES!  The fear leaves, and the faith floods in.

Do you love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? If your answer is yes, act.  Open your mouth to those who do not have the same happiness and knowledge that we have. Serve others as he did.  Keep the commandments.  Show your love for the Savior through your actions.  Show your love through your willingness to repent.  I know that this gospel is the key to our happiness.  The Book of Mormon is true. Families are strengthened in Christ centered homes. 

This last week we had a hard time finding people who wanted to listen to us. For the first time in my mission I had a door slammed in my face, it was weird. Two Sundays ago we were praying so hard that our investigators would come to church. We sat down in sacrament meeting with nobody. I was so sad! All of the sudden a family came in. They sat down next to me and my companion and asked if this was the Church of Jesus Christ. I smiled and said yes. Then they said, someone told us that if we wanted to have a happier family and more peace in our home we should come here. First my jaw dropped, then I smiled and said, 

"Well you have come to the right place!" 

Later we found out that this family had walked two hours to get to church with their two little girls. It is true that the Lord is preparing people to receive His gospel. If we can't find them ourselves, the Lord will place them in our hands. I am excited for this family.

These are the shoes of Byron Paz. This happened after we walked two hours to a teaching appointment and two hours back. Byron is still an investigator but I’m pretty sure that sometimes he has a stronger testimony than I do. He can’t get baptized yet because his wife who left him thirty years ago is taking forever to sign papers so that he can get divorced then be baptized. (I know, usually we are waiting for them to get married!) The members and people here are incredible. I hope that when I get home, I can be like Byron and preach the gospel with the missionaries until my shoes are worn with holes.
I love this work. I love being a missionary. And, I love you guys! Thanks for writing me!

Hna. Minnick

  • Mom you always get a shoutout because your the best!
  • Julie Terry!! THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGES! The peanut butter was gone in like two seconds!!
  • Grandma Linda, I love your letters!
  • All of you dear elder writers... you're the bomb!! 
If you were wondering... this is how latex is made.

If I could describe my companion in three words: 
Energetic, loving, strong!

Who needs the mountains? I get to take a stroll through
a Guatemalan forrest everyday!

This is my iPhone on steriods. It actually has pretty great service.
As you can tell, I am in the middle of no where...
I am proud to announce that I can talk on the phone in Spanish without a problem.

Once a week Hna.Ostler and I are together for divisions, this week we decided we would always have a Book of Mormon in our hand.
I'm going to do it for the rest of my mission because we had some pretty amazing experiences. I know that the Book of Mormon is true.