Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Turkey Week

Hey family,

So I'll start out by saying that I feel 100% better. Hooray. HaHa!
Next, this week was so packed full of work and I loved every second of it!  However we had a sad moment.  Hermana Jimenez is currently in the mission home with a cast on her foot.  For the past month she has had a ton of pain when she walks.  I guess I worked her too hard...But, she is stubborn like me and refused to do anything about it.  Our area is pure rock and she wasn't really used to walking a ton so she pulled a lot of the ligaments in her foot and she has tendinitis.  In the United States they would usually just give you one of those ugly looking shoe things but since we are in Guatemala they just put a cast on it.  She gets her cast off on Dec 2nd, I hope that she comes back to me!  For right now I am with Hermana Natividad, she is awesome! She brings out my sassy side. I don't know if that's good or bad...

I am so happy. All of our converts are on fire!!  It has been such a blessing to be able to see them progress after baptism.  They are all giving us referrals or references (what is it in English) of all of their friends and family.  We are seeing huge miracles in our area!

Well, I really have no desire to keep writing. I promise I'll tell you guys everything later!!


Hermana Minnick
p.s.  Read the scriptures. Right now I am in Helaman 8. I have to finish before Dec 12th...pray for me...haha

p.p.s...Can we have Thanksgiving in December too?


Be Kind!

Mi area!

It could last me two more weeks?!?!?!

Monday, November 17, 2014

When you flood the Church....Swim

Well, I asked my mom first if she wanted to know how my week really went and be worried, OR just give my testimony... She said, "Give it to me Sister!!!" So obviously because I am writing this I am alive, so don't worry about me. And also I want to remember this week in 30 years. Check it:

All because of a tiny mosquito...Chikungunya.  IT'S THE DEVIL!!! There is an outbreak right now in Pajapita and I became a victim. I was so mad. I had dengue like 3 weeks ago and so I thought I would be done being sick for the rest of my mission. HA! On Wednesday I woke up and couldn't move. It hit me hard. Hermana Leyva helped me brush my teeth and Hermana Natividad did my hair. You know that feeling the day after you kill yourself working out? It feels like that but in your joints, bones, and eyelashes times 1000.. and I wish that I was not exaggerating. You also have a nonstop fever no matter how many pills you take and a rash all over your body. I spent Wednesday to Friday with the family Garcia in Fionas bed. I finally got that beauty sleep I wanted!! Everyone took great care of me. I still have a rash and my bones still hurt, but yesterday I went out to work and it was THE BEST. Dad, are you sure you want to come get me? I really don't want you to get sick. It's miserable.

Next, should I start with the dog bite or how I flooded the chapel?

The flooded chapel.

So, this is the awesome part of my week! The part that makes chikungunya and dog bites and flooded chapels okay. Carlos, Jefferson, Jose, and Esteben got baptised on FRIDAY!! Alright I will start from the beginning. On Friday I was with a member because I still couldn't move, this member lives right behind the capilla so hna jimenez and hna nati left me with the job to fill up the pila (bad idea). The baptism was at 6 so at about 3 the member walked me over to the chapel to fill up the font. During this time there happened to be choir practice so we left the font running and went to practice. (The member practiced and I fell asleep on a comfy chair). Well about an hour and 15 minutes later I woke up (more like had a heart attack and exploded out of my chair) and went sprinting to the font. When I turned the corner I almost biffed it because the water had already made its way down the really long hallway. So much water!!! I had no idea what to do. The water entered into almost every room in the hall way...including the Bishops office (which was locked). If you knew my branch president you would probably have a heart attack just like I did. haha. One of his top priorities is the cleanliness of the chapel. So I whipped out all 7 mops and started cleaning like a mad man. My body hurt so bad but the adrenaline kicked in. Then the members heard the ruckus I was making and showed up to help me out. About 2 hours later (there was A LOT of water) we had everything semi dry.

The baptism was the best part of my week. We have worked with Carlos and his sons for a while now. They have made so much progress, I know that they will be real converts to the Lord! In my mission call it said that greater joy would await me in the mission field, real happiness. It is true! I have never felt so happy living in circumstances so rough. Real happiness cannot be bought nor touched. It is only found living the principles of the gospel, and by keeping the commandments!!

On Saturday I worked for half of the day and then crashed on my bed in the afternoon.

Sunday was a glorious day because I felt a little bit more normal. I was able to work and it was so nice to be able to leave the house. To top my week off with a cherry, on Sunday night a dog bit me. I laughed so hard. It only broke the skin a little bit, but now I have a bruise to match my rash!!

There, that was my real life week as a missionary in Guatemala. The weird thing is that I would do it again in a heartbeat!!

I love you family. I am good! Don't worry about me, I promise I will come home in once piece. (Well maybe 2, but I'll be alive) haha!

Be a light,
Hna Minnick

The comps

When you dont want to eat animal
and you don't have a plastic bag...

Sweeping the dirt


Tam Note:  This pic was taken TODAY - P-Day
Water Fight
Whit said..."This pic is proof that I AM OK!"

Playing with the ninos!

For every broken flip flop there is a solution: masking tape...because there isn't duck tape

Showering in the rain!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sea una luz!

Hello my dear ones,

Honestly, I am really getting tired of typing on broken keyboards. But, I realize that I haven't been the best writer in the past weeks so I'll suck it up and do the best I can..hahaaaaaaa. I am also pretty loopy because I played basketball in the sun for the last 2 hours. I have become uncoordinated on my mission -- its not even funny.  But, I did make 2 Jimmer shots...halla!

Okay, so this whole trio thing has been such a blessing! Every single day we did divisions with members and got double the work done in our area!! We saw a ton of miracles. Carlos, his two sons, and Jefferson are preparing to be baptised this Friday! I am so excited!!

This past weekend we had Stake Conference! It was awesome! Our stake president, President Garcia was released after SIXTEEN years of faithful service! They live in Pajapita and they are so incredible! They have helped us a ton with our investigators! Elder Ochoa and Elder Morales came and spoke to us.  Their messages were so refreshing and powerful. We had 7 investigators with two families there and everyone loved it!  Elder Morales shared a scripture that I loved..

Dyc 103:9-10 (i like it better in Spanish, but English will do)

 For they were set to be light unto the world, and to be the saviors of men;
 10 And inasmuch as they are not the saviors of men, they are a salt that has lost its savor, and is thenceforth good for nothing but to be  casout and trodden under foot of men.
We are here on this earth to be a LIGHT! We are here to SAVE SOULS!! 

Don't be a bench warmer! We NEED the saving ordinances to qualify for CELESTIAL glory!! Baptism, confirmation, priesthood, endowment, sealing!!! If you haven't received these ordinances, I invite you to prepare to do so! And if you have, I invite you to turn to your family and help them to prepare! I invite you to dig in deep! Hasten the work of salvation! 

If they say no, love them. Love them and be there for them, and one day they will know, and you will be there waiting to help them!! 

Jesus Christ lives! This is His church, and His work!  We need to work in His vineyard, and we need to do it NOW! 

I love you family!

Hermana Minnick

Tam Note:  No pics from Whit this week.  She has no time.  I could barely get her to answer any questions I had for her today.  All I have to say-- you can definitely tell she only has four weeks left on her mission.  :)  WORK / PREACH  / WORK / PREACH!!  

The pic below is a jar of hershey kisses given to me by Sue Outsen (her daughter is serving in REU too!!)  The number of kisses is the number of days Whit has left.  I am supposed to eat one a day and then she is HOME.  I ate TWO kisses today.  Do you think that will make this go faster??  The poor girl doesn't want to come home, and I am trying to speed things up!!!  Thanks SUE!!!  xoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, November 6, 2014

3s a crowd...

Hi guys. How goes it?  Sorry I missed a week, but don't worry I am back up and kickin! Life is good down here in Pajapita!

Well, where to start?

Last week President asked me in our weekly email, "How do you feel knowing that you have begun the last change of your misison?"

I honestly can't believe how fast this time has gone!! I still feel like I have at least 6 months left. I feel like I have been living in the month of July for 17 months! Weston, take advantage of EVERY second!!!!  I am sad to know that this is coming to an end because it has been one of the happiest times of my life!!  If my body would let me go for another year, I would do it in a heartbeat!!  In this last change, I'm giving it my all.  I always give it my all, but I am going to find a way to do even more than I think I can...if that makes sense...?    I couldn't be happier!!

Anyway, this week we had a little surprise. On Friday after a long morning of contacting, Elder Portillo (the new assistant) called me. Well, four hours later I found myself in a trio. Yeehaw.  Its been interesting, fun, stressful, and exciting all in one package.  I am still with my hija (thank heavens because she is the best) and our new companion is Hermana Natividad from Salvador.  She has 10 months in the mission. She is great!  It has been a challenge to learn how to teach in unity, but we'll get there!  I'm on my toes because I don't really know if we will stay like this for the whole change. I'm game for whatever!

Alright, I'll tell you about my investigators...

Carlos. He is the best! He is a single father of 6 children that run wild. In all honesty, I have no idea how he does it!  His wife died 5 years ago. He loved learning about the plan of salvation. He told us that the gospel is filling the hole in is heart more than the alcohol ever has!  It has been a great struggle for him to overcome drinking but he has made major progress!  He LOVES the BOM and he is preparing to be baptised the 14th along with 2 of his children! Pray for Carlos!

Renee (hijo/son). Hijo of a menos activo of 17 years. Reactivating is so hard but so worth it! With Renee  we had to work through his dad first. Renee (father) is one of the priesthood holders we have been fighting to reactivate!  He has been 3 consecutive Sundays!! Wahoooo!! They are reading the Book of Mormon together too! At first Renee (hijo/son), didn't want anything to do with us. One time we came and read Enos 1 with his dad. Renee was in the other room hiding, but listening! The next lesson he sat down with us and asked a ton of questions! I am excited to work with him!

Familia de leon. They are so pilas. We shared with them this week The Family, a Proclamation to the World and they LOVED it!! They are reading the BOM and always have really good questions!!!

I wish I could tell you about all of my investigators but there is just no time!! Pray for all of them please!!

Well, fam. I LOVE YOU! Always remember to read your scriptures and say your prayers. EVERYDAY!!

hna minni