Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Turkey Week

Hey family,

So I'll start out by saying that I feel 100% better. Hooray. HaHa!
Next, this week was so packed full of work and I loved every second of it!  However we had a sad moment.  Hermana Jimenez is currently in the mission home with a cast on her foot.  For the past month she has had a ton of pain when she walks.  I guess I worked her too hard...But, she is stubborn like me and refused to do anything about it.  Our area is pure rock and she wasn't really used to walking a ton so she pulled a lot of the ligaments in her foot and she has tendinitis.  In the United States they would usually just give you one of those ugly looking shoe things but since we are in Guatemala they just put a cast on it.  She gets her cast off on Dec 2nd, I hope that she comes back to me!  For right now I am with Hermana Natividad, she is awesome! She brings out my sassy side. I don't know if that's good or bad...

I am so happy. All of our converts are on fire!!  It has been such a blessing to be able to see them progress after baptism.  They are all giving us referrals or references (what is it in English) of all of their friends and family.  We are seeing huge miracles in our area!

Well, I really have no desire to keep writing. I promise I'll tell you guys everything later!!


Hermana Minnick
p.s.  Read the scriptures. Right now I am in Helaman 8. I have to finish before Dec 12th...pray for me...haha

p.p.s...Can we have Thanksgiving in December too?


Be Kind!

Mi area!

It could last me two more weeks?!?!?!

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