Monday, November 17, 2014

When you flood the Church....Swim

Well, I asked my mom first if she wanted to know how my week really went and be worried, OR just give my testimony... She said, "Give it to me Sister!!!" So obviously because I am writing this I am alive, so don't worry about me. And also I want to remember this week in 30 years. Check it:

All because of a tiny mosquito...Chikungunya.  IT'S THE DEVIL!!! There is an outbreak right now in Pajapita and I became a victim. I was so mad. I had dengue like 3 weeks ago and so I thought I would be done being sick for the rest of my mission. HA! On Wednesday I woke up and couldn't move. It hit me hard. Hermana Leyva helped me brush my teeth and Hermana Natividad did my hair. You know that feeling the day after you kill yourself working out? It feels like that but in your joints, bones, and eyelashes times 1000.. and I wish that I was not exaggerating. You also have a nonstop fever no matter how many pills you take and a rash all over your body. I spent Wednesday to Friday with the family Garcia in Fionas bed. I finally got that beauty sleep I wanted!! Everyone took great care of me. I still have a rash and my bones still hurt, but yesterday I went out to work and it was THE BEST. Dad, are you sure you want to come get me? I really don't want you to get sick. It's miserable.

Next, should I start with the dog bite or how I flooded the chapel?

The flooded chapel.

So, this is the awesome part of my week! The part that makes chikungunya and dog bites and flooded chapels okay. Carlos, Jefferson, Jose, and Esteben got baptised on FRIDAY!! Alright I will start from the beginning. On Friday I was with a member because I still couldn't move, this member lives right behind the capilla so hna jimenez and hna nati left me with the job to fill up the pila (bad idea). The baptism was at 6 so at about 3 the member walked me over to the chapel to fill up the font. During this time there happened to be choir practice so we left the font running and went to practice. (The member practiced and I fell asleep on a comfy chair). Well about an hour and 15 minutes later I woke up (more like had a heart attack and exploded out of my chair) and went sprinting to the font. When I turned the corner I almost biffed it because the water had already made its way down the really long hallway. So much water!!! I had no idea what to do. The water entered into almost every room in the hall way...including the Bishops office (which was locked). If you knew my branch president you would probably have a heart attack just like I did. haha. One of his top priorities is the cleanliness of the chapel. So I whipped out all 7 mops and started cleaning like a mad man. My body hurt so bad but the adrenaline kicked in. Then the members heard the ruckus I was making and showed up to help me out. About 2 hours later (there was A LOT of water) we had everything semi dry.

The baptism was the best part of my week. We have worked with Carlos and his sons for a while now. They have made so much progress, I know that they will be real converts to the Lord! In my mission call it said that greater joy would await me in the mission field, real happiness. It is true! I have never felt so happy living in circumstances so rough. Real happiness cannot be bought nor touched. It is only found living the principles of the gospel, and by keeping the commandments!!

On Saturday I worked for half of the day and then crashed on my bed in the afternoon.

Sunday was a glorious day because I felt a little bit more normal. I was able to work and it was so nice to be able to leave the house. To top my week off with a cherry, on Sunday night a dog bit me. I laughed so hard. It only broke the skin a little bit, but now I have a bruise to match my rash!!

There, that was my real life week as a missionary in Guatemala. The weird thing is that I would do it again in a heartbeat!!

I love you family. I am good! Don't worry about me, I promise I will come home in once piece. (Well maybe 2, but I'll be alive) haha!

Be a light,
Hna Minnick

The comps

When you dont want to eat animal
and you don't have a plastic bag...

Sweeping the dirt


Tam Note:  This pic was taken TODAY - P-Day
Water Fight
Whit said..."This pic is proof that I AM OK!"

Playing with the ninos!

For every broken flip flop there is a solution: masking tape...because there isn't duck tape

Showering in the rain!

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