Monday, November 25, 2013

Come to the Mountain of the Lord!

I didn't think that this week could top last week, but it did! 

On Friday we had a multi-zona conference with Elder Amado. It was very long, entertaining, and informative... I learned A LOT.

I was expecting to hear about obedience and missionary work, because well, I am a full-time missionary on a mission, right? Boy was I wrong. First let me say, Elder Amado is awesome. He got down on our level, walked around with his microphone and answered questions we had the whole time. But back to the part about how I was wrong... 

He said: "Tengo una pregunta para ustedes, que van a hacer despues la mision?" 
Translation: I have a question for you guys, what are you going to do after your missions?

Cue crickets and awkward silence...

He then send: "Imediatemente casarse!!" "Van a casarse ya!" 
Basic Translation: "get married yesterday"

We talked about marriage for two and a half hours. At first I was sitting there like, 

"Hello, I am a missionary, I want a lecture on obedience and 
how I can help save the souls of the Guatemaltecos! 
What is a boy?"

But he is 100% right. He told us that we didn't have to get married two days, a month, or a year after our missions were ended...the time doesn't matter -- The GOAL is what matters.  He said that we need to put the goal of finding our best friend and then right after we find them, "run to the temple". 
Elder Amado said, 

"Put this goal in your mind and heart and go to the temple, 
find your best friend, and fast."  

So, that is what I learned this week. And that is what I will do! I have no shame in saying it. He talked about how too many YSA's are wasting their time. Well to all of you YSA´s I say: 

Find your person and go to the temple!!!

It seems like the temple was the theme of my week and that is what made it so great! Because the conferencia was on Friday, we weren't able to go to the temple with our recent converts. I won't lie, I was really sad when I found out I couldn't go. My pillow was wet. The past 3 weeks we had worked hard to prepare our recent converts, menos activos, and we invited EVERYONE to go to the temple. But, I was so grateful to be able to listen to Elder Amado and learn! 

I was even more grateful when the Bishop called us that night and said that 77 almas (souls) went to the temple! There were 4 people to a seat on the bus! Of our recent converts, menos activos and investigators, 30 went! Every single recent convert entered the temple and had a beautiful experience. This time when I cried it was a joyful cry. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing these beautiful families enter into the temple! The temple is where it is at!!! 

I am 100% convinced that as we go to the temple worthily 
we will be protected, we will become converted.

Never do anything that would keep you from entering the temple. Go to the temple, run to the temple, SPRINT to the temple. Or take two steps out of your front door and go to the temple (that is how blessed we are in Utah).

Also, this week was awesome because we had stake conference, more like general conference just for Guatemala! It was telecasted (is that even a word) from Utah to here! We got to see and listen to Presidente Eyring, Elder Scott, Elder Falabella, y Hermana Wixom! It was incredible! They definitely spoke to the needs of Guatemala right now!!!I

Ilove the temple. I love my Savior. I know the Book of Mormon is true.
I love you guys! Be happy, healthy, and eat turkey!
Hermana Minnick

I definitely sang, "The Hills are Alive" in this moment!

Our house flooded really bad. This pic was after two hours of
pushing water out the hole in the wall with a broom.

Merry Christmas Family!  Pray with all your hearts that this gets to you!

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