Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Holidayyyyyssssss!

So, it was a sad moment in my mission when I woke up, saw that is was Dia de Gracias, ran to the fridge and saw:

1. A rotting clementine

2. A version of a cockroach

3. Mayonnaise (They love that stuff here)

I will admit I had a moment of despair. Yes, I am eating worse than a college student. However, we did have the pleasure of eating McDonald's on Thanksgiving. I got chicken nuggets if you were wondering...

This week was awesome. Crazy. Fun. Scary. All of the adjectives you can think of in a bundle. My companion had changes. It was really sad. But, then came my new wonderful companion Hermana Hurtado!   She is from Nicaragua. I have the best luck in the mission because I am getting all of the hardest working companions in the world.  I was a little stressed this week because I had to show my companion around our ginormous area and plan a baptism.  But, surprisingly everything went really well. I understand now why we have changes as missionaries... I'm pretty sure in this last week of my mission I have grown double time. I love being a missionary. It is simply the best. 

Great and not so great things that happened to me this week:

1. I SCORED A GOAL today playing futbol!  Plus, I was playing against professional latino missionaries. I also obtained some rad farmers' tan lines.

2. Jose Roberto was baptized. He comes from the Familia Maldonado. That family has been in the church for YEARS. He was a little stubborn, but man am I thankful that the spirit is the teacher and not me! I am excited to see him go on a mission!

3. We were sitting on a curb teaching a mom and her little girl when de repente the little girl squatted down and peed on my foot. This is not a joke.

4. I had one of those moments where I was like, "Hey, I am speaking Spanish.This is so weird."

5. We now have a shower head and water comes out of it. Cold water, but I am counting my blessings. (Hermana Ostler got mad at me because I was singing God Bless America in the shower.)  If I become the President of Guatemala I will put hot water heaters in every house.  #voteforme

6. La asistencia of our barrio went up! (attendance)

7. The Young Women's President told me that if I didn't fix my hair I would scare away my investigators.

8. I learned how to tortear. (Make tortillas by hand)

9. I mastered crossing the two rivers to Wachipaling without getting wet.

10. My testimony grew and my faith in the Lord's work strengthened.

I am loving my adventure here in Guatemala. I am learning that this is the Lord's work and His work only. I am only an instrument in His hands. I am learning to accept His will. I am learning to keep His commandments. Sometimes I don't always understand why, but, I just know that He loves us and He has His plan. If we trust in Him everything will be okay. 

I am so blessed to be a servant of my Savior Jesus Christ during this beautiful month of Diciembre. I love to serve Him. I love to learn about Him. And one day, I hope I can become like Him. The Guatemalans are beautiful! They have taught me to be more loving, patient, and kind. There is truly nothing better than being a missionary here in the Book of Mormon lands. 

I love my family. Please remember to serve others in this month. This Sunday listen to the sacrament prayers carefully and serve Him by serving others. Share the light of the gospel. Study the life of the Savior! Have fun, go sledding, read the scriptures together, pray together and eat those awesome stuffed mushrooms that mom makes. I will be praying for your safety and happiness! 

With all of the love in the world (ya cheesy I know)
Hermana Minnick

Aunt Kim!!!! Thank you for the package! I got it today!!! I'm havin´me some Thanksgivin´dinner tonight!!!!! Love you!

A members home and a rad blue pickup!

With the Zone Leaders before changes!

This kid loves life!

We know how to throw a party!

Mi nueva compañera: Hermana Hurtado de Nicaragua. She is awesome!!

This was a happy moment until 3,000 red ants 
crawled up my arms and had Thanksgiving.

Baptism Day de Jose Roberto!
It was a good way to start off the Christmas season!!

La familia Maldonado.

This picture says, "My mom loves me." 
You can bet your bottom dollar I got bullied for this. THANKS MOM!


  1. Way to go Hermana Minnick! It's awesome to see your wonderful service. Merry Christmas from the Madsen family!! <3

    1. Stacy! I will forward your Christmas Wishes to Whit! Love you guys!!


  2. Way to go Hermana Minnick! It's awesome to see your wonderful service. Merry Christmas from the Madsen family!! <3