Monday, December 23, 2013

Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas!

After 3 months of crossing this river,  I have finally learned the exact rocks to place my feet...This river is not clean. I call it "The Brown River" it smells like brown tambien.

Dearly Beloveds,

Okay, after you read this letter, this is what you are going to do:

1. Get in your toasty car with bum seat heaters and drive through the streets (be careful in the snow) until you find a companionship of missionaries freezing their toes off. Or better, if you know their number call them.
2. Don't honk at them (that will scare them)...roll down your window and invite them to your house. Make sure they know who you are so they aren't scared.
3. Give them hot chocolate and maybe even a Cafe Rio meal if you want to be realllyyy awesome.
4. Let them share a message about our Savior Jesus Christ with you so that you can remember the reason for the season. Relax and feel the spirit.
5. Ooppppss I forgot to put this first, but before you go searching for the missionaries: Pray. Think of someone in your neighborhood, ward or stake that needs the gospel or needs service. It could be a less active member, a recent convert, or someone who hasn't heard the greatest mesage they will ever hear. Think of 5 or so names and pray. After you pray, listen. When you have your person, get in your car to hunt down the missionaries.. or just call them. I cant remember what works better in the United States.
6. Continuing on...
7. After the missionaries share their really nice uplifting message and are just about to put a really big smile on their face and ask for a reference, you will cut them off and say, 

      "Elders or Hermanas, I have someone who I would like to visit with you." 

Good. You just made the missionaries day. And, you are beginning your new path to being a "full time member missionary". 
8. Next, plan with the missionaries what day and time you personally can go with them. Maybe you go and do a service project. Or give them the General Conference Ensign. The important thing is that you support this person or family and share what you know with love. Invite them to church, invite them to an activity, or to your family home evening! Be creative. I know you are intelligent, wonderful people. Pray to know how you can best help this person. 
9. Repeat.

I love Christmas time. I love that we celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We can give just a little bit back by sharing His restored gospel with our loved ones during this Christmas season and this new year!! Set goals now to become a "full time member" in 2014, or better, today! 

I know that Jesus is the Christ! He lives and loves us!! Remember the reason of the season! Share the truth! Its the best gift you can give! 

If you don't know what to get someone, I'll tell you right now: A Book of Mormon with a bow. Its the perfect gift. If it's a girl, add a piece of chocolate-she'll love it. 

Anyway, I love you all!!! I love my mission! I get to see a personal firework show every night! Guatemala is awesome! 

Keep on keepin on,

Hermana Minnick

This is how the Guatemalans do it!

Milagros and Franklin!

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