Monday, February 4, 2013


Dear Mr. Blog,
I was 100% positive that I was going to Boise, Idaho. I had no doubt in my mind. You hear of missionaries that say, "I DO NOT want to go to Idaho." *Two weeks later*
"Dear missionary,
You are herby called to serve in Idaho."

I said, "I DO NOT want to go to Idaho." I was sure this would happen to me. But then, I thought to myself,  "Whitney, reverse psychology, use it!"

Next I said, "Idaho is the only place for me, I love potatoes and the cold and Idaho is so fun!"    

It worked. Reverse psychology works.

JK guys, just to be clear if I were called to Idaho I would be SO HAPPY! Really, it got to the point where I honestly did not even care about where the Lord sent me. Even if it were St. George, Utah. Dude, I'd go!! The best part about the mission call process is that it is inspired by God. I am so excited to be a missionary!


And, I still can't say Retalhuleu. If you know how please contact me asap. I'm not kidding.

I can't contain my excitement!! I leave June 12, 2013 and fly straight to the Guatemala MTC. I will be espeaking en el espanol. I've been practicing--ready? Hola, mi llama es Hermana Minnick, como estas?

Fun Fact:
Today I found out that Guatemala houses some of the BIGGEST spiders in the world. That'll be fun.

With Love,
Soon To Be Sister Whitney Minnick

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