Friday, July 11, 2014

One of the guys...

So, right now my mind is pulling a Dory. I can´t remember anything that happened this week. I just asked my companion if she could remember anything and she can´t either. So, you're out of luck. This letter isn't going to change your lives. 

It was just your average week in the office. Sick missionary calls.... we go to a pharmacy...drop off the medicine... I fill out insurance stuff. Exciting right? 

In the office I´m starting to feel like "one of the guys". Sometimes I forget that the Elders are 18 and 19 year old boys until they announce to the entire office that they need to go and "take a dump". I won´t go any further than that but if you have a brother, you know what I am going through. At first they were careful with what they said around me, and now? Not so much. 

Buenas noticias! We are working with Paulino to push his baptismal date to the 19th. On Wednesday he told us that he feels ready! I love it when investigators tell me that. Music to my ears!!! Right now we are working hard to find new investigators, by working with menos activos and recien conversos.

I love Guatemala and I am so grateful to be here! Being a missionary is the best! I promise you all a better letter next week!

The church is true! Read your scriptures!
Hermana Minnick

Shout out to Elder Minnick!!! Represent!! Te quiero hermano mio!

This is my favorite member of the ward. His name is Christopher.
A chubby pirate eating corn on the cob...that's the life!

Missionaries of Pedregral with Hno Cesar the ward mission leader!

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