Sunday, July 27, 2014

Para mis cuates...

This week was so long. I wish I could just record myself telling you about it because I am not in the mood to type, but after Weston's 2 sentence "letter" (I will get back to that) I feel obligated to write a good long letter for mom. 

Actually, I will just start with you Elder Weston...I know that you probably have like 24 girls writing you and telling you how great you are but let me give you a reality check. Give it a year, no more like 6 months...half of them will be engaged, and the other half will be leaving on a mission. Now, Weston, if you use your precious email time to write someone else's wife one more time, Mom is going to be really mad. Y yo tambien. So, WRITE US A GOOD LETTER, full of detail! Gracias.

This week I feel like I was in the Quetzaltenango mission more than I was in mine... We were in Xela almost every single day with sick missionaries, or up in the mountains (I LOVE THE MOUNTAINS -- I want to go there so bad). I was in a car so much that at night when I tried to go to bed, I felt like I was still moving. I have never experienced nausea until this week. Its the worst, I sympathize with all of you pregnant ladies out there... 

Teaching my companion to drive has been very interesting and very scary. Haha. She struggles going down hill, is afraid of speed, and the steering wheel is not her friend when the road curves. So, my jaw has been a little bit sore from clenching. I've learned to just close my eyes and pray. But, hey I'm still alive so its all good! She has improved a ton so don't worry! 
Also, I got to go to Walmart in Xela. I almost kissed the floor but I thought that would be taking it too far. But, you get the point. I bought goldfish y pretzels to last me a while, and just to be buena onda, I bought Dr. Pepper and Rootbeer for my friends. 

Now on to the good stuff...

Do you guys remember Byron from San Francisco? Well, he is getting baptized TODAY! President gave Hermana Ostler and I special permission to go! I am beyond excited! I can't wait to tell you all of these stories. I don't have time to write them all!

Also Paulino, an investigator I had in Samala will be baptised today!! I can't describe in words how happy I am! 

Missions are the best. I know that that Jesus Christ lives and that he LOVES us. I know that the power of prayer is real. The Book of Mormon is true! Read it!

Hermana Minnick

Hermana Minnick at a leader's conference.  Because she is one of the nurses... she attends most of these.    BONUS! Besides President and Sister Ruiz, also in pic is Hermana Merrill who came out with Whit.   She is a Sister Training Leader.  She was missing her comp and grabbed Whit!!  

When Whitney plays volleyball...
she doesn't let the ball drop!

A brown river running through the middle of the mercado...

Rain is a good thang!

Never say never...snow in Guatemala!


Guatemala is beautiful!

This is Leah and I in Tejutla. It is up in the far away mountains...I was cold.  

She always yells at me, "VEN CA!"...Ca is short for carino. It means "come here sweetheart" haha!

This is where I want my next area to be! (Tejutla)

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