Saturday, August 2, 2014

Adios Oficina!

Hey! ITS AUGUST!! I can't believe it!! 2014 has gotta be on fast forward or something...

Anyway, this will be the last letter I write to you from the air conditioned office on a functioning keyboard... Oh, how I will miss the AC and cold water machine! Mostly, I am excited to be a normal missionary. I am nervous for changes... It is likely that where I will go, there I will end my mission. Or in missionary language, I will "die" there. I honestly have no idea where I am going, but I am sure that it will be the right place for me. So...BRILLANDO.

This week was awesome. Here's why: 

Starting with last Saturday.. Byron's baptism in San Francisco! When we pulled up I felt like I was back at home. San Francisco will always have a special place in my heart. I will go back and visit someday! I loved seeing all of the members and some of my converts. The best part was seeing Byron. He had no idea that Hermana Ostler and I were going to come and started crying when he saw us. I will never forget that baptism or Hermano Byron. That had to be one of the highlights of my mission.

 We went to the TEMPLE with Zona Las Palmas!! It was exactly what I needed. We were able to do a session with President and after we did baptisms.. President baptised us. I will never forget that experience. Not to mention that the Quetzaltenango Temple in Xela is so beautiful! My favorite part was sitting in the Celestial room. I felt completely at peace. I gave a report of my mission to the Lord up to this point and now, what I will accomplish with the rest of my time. I love the temple. I hope that you guys are taking advantage of the 6 temples within 45 minutes of our house! GO!

We found 9 new investigators this week. That is a record for the nurses. We hit a point in our area where we had nothing, so we have been contacting and asking for references like crazy. Now, we need to help all of them get to church tomorrow!

I can roll my RRRRRRRR's!!!  Finally!  After 5 Latina companions and hours of practice I can finally do it! I have to concentrate hard enough that my eyebrow twitches but... PROGRESS PEOPLE!  Perrrro.

We have started playing basketball every morning with the other missionaries in our ward. Its fun because none of us know how to play. I forget how good it feels to pull a muscle and sweat out all of the stress! 

More than anything, on my mission I have learned that as we directly apply the atonement to our lives, we will change. We will become converted by constantly doing the small and simple things! I have learned that instead of focusing on my weaknesses, I should work to fix them by using the atonement. I know that God is our Father and that His Son Jesus Christ lives. I know that His church is the kingdom of God on this earth. In reality, Joseph Smith saw the Father and the Son. He was called as a prophet and translated by the power of God, The Book of Mormon. I know that book is true! We have a living prophet today! Listen to his voice! Sustain him, keep the commandments, and always pray. I love you my family! Thank you for everything!

Con Amor,
Hermana Minnick

P.S. Weston, you redeemed yourself. Keep the letters coming. 
P.P.S. CONGRATS to the newlyweds -- Lauren and Colby! Good job!  And SEND PICTURES! 

The OFFICE... at your service.

I love these guys!

Gotta love Guatemala!

Zona Las Palmas
I will miss this Zone and these people!

This is where we play basketball every morning!  I am out of shape.

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