Monday, August 25, 2014

I believe in Miracles!

Yes. That is a song reference...

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. This week was just too good!!!!!!!! I love Guatemala and all of its quirks. I love my investigators so much that it hurts!! 

We saw a ton of miracles this week! I´ll tell you about a few:

1. Maria Jose..or Majo for short! She is the granddaughter of the second counselor in the Bishopric, her uncle is the 1st counselor in the stake presidency, and her cousins are all returned is serving in Utah Central Mission right now..if you see him tell him hi! However, she is not a member. Her dad is less active and her mom is Catholic. The missionaries have worked with them for years. Maria Jose loves to go to church! She loves Young Women's and she has had the desire to be baptized for a very long time. But her parents told her that she had to wait until she turned 15. She turned 14 on Sunday. After meeting her, I was like, we have got to help this girl out! I have never seen anyone with a greater desire to be baptised! So, we went and talked to her Mom to help ask for permission. I was nervous, I had no idea what to say but I just prayed for the spirit and promised myself to be bold! Her mom was reluctant at first, we got to know her for a couple of minutes and then we got straight to the point! Her mom broke down and started crying, she said that she loved her daughter and only wanted the best for her. We shared a couple of scriptures and then her mom said, "First, teach her every discussion. Then, she will choose when she wants to be baptized." Maria Jose bear hugged her mom. It was the best ever. I am thankful for the missionaries who planted the seeds here before! Maria Jose started reading the Book of Mormon last week and is already in Alma!! 

2. 95 percent of my time I am thinking about families... not my family, Guatemalan families! I want to baptize FAMILIES! I have been praying and praying to find families!!! This week we found four.. I´ll tell you about one of them. La Familia Chilel.. We found the dad, Osbaldo contacting, we only talked to him for about 3 minutes because we had to catch the bus. We invited him to church and he said "Yes"! We got his address "at the top of that really long street". On Saturday we went to find his house on the "really long street" (addresses do not exist here). He lives in an area called Las Palmas, we are opening this area so we had never been there. We found the street that he pointed out and started walking down it. When I say street I mean a muddy road with a lot of frogs. We started asking everyone if they knew where Oswaldo lived but nobody had heard of him. However, we felt that we should keep going. We walked like what seemed forever down this muddy road and got to the very last house... There was a woman with 5 little kids running wild sitting in front of her house, feeding her pig. She said, "Hey my husband said that you guys would be coming!" Then we had a pretty awesome lesson with them about keeping the sabbath day holy and committed them to come to church. Getting them to church was the hard part. They live pretty far away from Pajapita, so we asked a member who has a car to help us out...bless her soul. Her car was filled with mud after -- we are going to clean it this week! When we got to their house to pick them up for church the little boy was screaming because a scorpion had bit him. The little kids were running wild and didn't want to change their clothes, but I convinced them with some Oreo cookies. It took an HOUR to get to the church and we still had more investigators to bring! It was insane! During the sacrament I looked over and one of the little kids started peeing...all over the place. I almost lost it laughing so hard. There was mud and pee all over the floor. I just smiled and gave him another Oreo cookie. They loved church! We´ll see what happens!

3. Magali and Brandon... they are probably my first investigators who actually read the folletos that we pass out! Every time we come they have the folleto (pamphlet) marked and they always have a ton of questions!! Magali asked, "What is the Priesthood?", "What is the difference between the celestial and telestial kingdom?" It is so much easier to teach when someone has the desire to learn! We also gave them a Book of Mormon and they have been reading faithfully. (picture included)  Brandon is 11, but he acts like he is 20. He is so smart and he is always reminding his mom (Magali) that they have to read and go to church! 

Yay for progressing investigators!

4. Just in case you were wondering, my English is deteriorating at a rapid rate. I go days and days without speaking English. Mom, please spell check and correct any grammatical errors. Please and thank you. 

I am so happy, I love missionary work. Mom, can I extend? hahaha 
This change is going by way faster than I want it to. 

I love you family! Pray for my Guatemalans!!!

Con mucho amor,
Hna Minnick

Shoutout: Feliz Cumpleanos Grandpa Chuck!!!!!

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