Monday, August 11, 2014

Bienvenidos a PAJAPITA!

Holy cow guys! I feel like I haven't written in forever! So much to say!! Today we went on this high adventure hike up a Volcano called Chikabal... At the top there is a little lake...most beautiful thing I have seen!! The hike was so steep...I was dying... Pero, vale la pena.

So, going back out into the field has been a big slap in the face! (the good kind) the, "Hey! Wake up!" kind of slap in the face! It feels SO GOOD to be back out in the field!! I dont know what I did to have the privilege to come to Pajapita! I am so grateful to be here. My area is called "La Playa" (the beach). When my companion started showing me around the area I asked, "Hey compa, so where's the beach?" She just looked at me and laughed. That answered my question. My area is actually really small. It is full of bolos (drunks), iglesias evangelicas, mud, pigs the size of horses, and of course people ready to hear the gospel! There are actually more pigs than dogs and I am still trying to decide which I prefer! 

Pajapita is incredible. There are 6 missionaries in my ward... I am the only norte...haha. I am in a distrizone... There are only 10 missionaries! I am still trying to get used to it! I live with Hna Rodas from Honduras, Hna Ignacio from Peru and my companion is Hna Lopez from Nicaragua. She is awesome! She leaves in September. I am excited to be with her! 

Our house is huge!!!! WE HAVE FOUR BATHROOMS AND A TOASTER!!! That makes my life a whole lot better. 

More about is a branch! We only need 5 more full-tithe paying priesthood men and this branch will become a ward! That is so achievable! The heart of this branch: the youth! They are all so talented...all of them play musical instruments and they give us so many references! 

On Saturday we had a baptism... Kimberly! She scared us for a second when she started bawling about 10 minutes before the service started. I couldn't tell if it was a happy or sad cry. Of course the worst was going through my head! But we pulled her aside and she half sobbed and said, "Sorry, I am just really excited!" Then it all went beautifully from there! 

When I got on the bus leaving change meeting, won't lie, I was so nervous. The first thing my DL told me was, "Look Hna Minnick, out of the three areas is Pajapita your area is the toughest, an area of faith, also your companion is dying this change so you need to make sure that she stays focused." The further we got from Reu the more nervous I became...So, I just prayed really hard. If there is one thing I have learned on my mission, it is to love. To love the people, to love your companion, to love the mutated dogs (so that they don't bite you). So, I prayed really hard for the gift of charity. The thing about this work, is that if you don't love it, and if you don't love the people you are teaching, it doesn't work. When I finally got to my area, I felt a rush of peace. I need to be here in Pajapita. I need to love these people in Pajapita because I am representing my Savior. I pray that I can be a mouthpiece and instrument for the Lord here. I might not be the brightest or best teacher, I have numerous weaknesses, but I know the Lord qualifies whom He calls and it is my greatest desire to bring souls to Christ!

I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I know that I am leaving like half of my week out because I can't remember anything... It's a good thing I have my journal. 

Hna Minnick

Shout outs:
To all of you people getting hitched...thumbs up!

P.S. I took a ton of pictures today...on other peoples camaras bc mine no sorry no pictures!
 :( maybe one day...

Note from Tam:  We did get one pic that she was able to take before she left the office!!!
The office Elders bought me a cake because
they will miss me so much...

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