Monday, August 18, 2014

I love the Temple!

Well Family, 

This week was wonderful! We saw miracle after miracle and I wish I had time to tell you about them, but I will after the mission because it will be better in person...

I love my area. I love my companion. I love my investigators, my zone, and our dog named Toby. Yes, we have a dog... technically he is not ours, but the owner of our house lives right next door and so we share him. I am not a dog fan but I prayed to love Toby and it worked. Toby barks. All night long. 

Anyway, we had another baptism!!! Marbeli! She is 13 but she looks like she is 9. Her parents have been less active for about 5 years but they are coming around! They came to her baptism and loved it! I know they will come back!! 

Yesterday the second counselor in the temple presidency came and spoke to us in Pajapita...President Mortensen. It was awesome! He talked about the blessings we receive as we attend the temple. The Guatemalans are so blessed! They have two temples here!  My companion who is from Nicaragua has to travel to Honduras to go to the temple. 

I just want to remind you, family, how blessed we are to have a temple TWO MINUTES from our house... 15 minutes running (or 30 if you're out of shape like me). I hope that you are taking the time to go to the temple EVERY WEEK!! It is a privilege!! Man, I miss the temple!! I love the temple! And, I am so happy that my parents could be sealed in the temple 22 years ago TODAY!! August 18th!! I love you Mom and Dad!! I am so glad that in the Sandy Hillcrest YSA, Mom recognized "Mike's brother" and that Dad recognized "Troy's sister"! Last week in Relief Society the lesson was on "Eternal Marriage", and yesterday, "How to raise children in a Christ centered home." First of all, I am grateful for faithful parents who have kept the covenants that they have made in the temple. I am grateful that you taught me the Doctrine of Christ! All that I am, I owe to Jay and Tami Minnick!! Second, I promise to follow your example!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Happy 22 YEARS! Here's to the next 22! 

Elder Minnick, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Quer√©taro is ripe and ready to harvest!!!! You asked for some advice... I feel like I have given you all of the advice that I have! Like you wrote in your email, the best thing you can do is WORK! Work so hard and don't waste a minute because the time goes by faster than you think. Make sure to pray for and LOVE your investigators! Never think about yourself! Love your companion! Be obedient! I love you Westifer!! Don't eat the tortas in the calle... but maybe just try them once because they are really good!!! 

Zane! You still haven't written me! Good luck starting school... Weston said something about kissing girls... Don't listen to him...not yet!! You are awesome Zane!!!!! Keep mom and dad on their toes!! They are getting old... 

I pray for each of you by name every day! Keep the commandments!! Follow the prophet!! 

Que les vaya bien!
Hermana Minnick

Tam note:  Got these pics from another missionary!!  Whit's camera still not functioning!!   

Zona Pajapita!

The next bunch of pictures are from visiting Volcan Chikabal!  (I think they did this last week on P-Day)

Tam: Just a little further and she would be in the water!  :)  

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