Monday, January 20, 2014

Life Should Be Happy!

Este semana fue bien calidad! 

We had a huge mission conference, everyone was there. I didn't recognize half of the missionaries...but it was AWESOME!  Elder Suarez of the presidency of the seventy came. I loved his testimony and I definitely needed to hear what he said. I LOVED the entire conference, I wish I could share with you guys but there is just too much stuff I loved!

Anyway, this week I am going to share 5 pure moments of happiness I experienced:

The first one happened right after I finished writing you guys last week. We were shopping in la torre... it's a Guatemalan supermarket that has the "Great Value" brand which makes me jump for joy.  Anyway, this week I had a miracle in la torre. Wait for it...wait for it.... I turned my head and


But wait it gets better... I looked to the right and saw orange glorious carrot sticks already cleaned!!! However the next thing I saw made me scream right out loud... red. baby. CHERRY. TOMATOES. I FELT LIKE I WAS IN COSTCO!!!! Yeah. That's Hermana Minnick heaven right there. My companion looked at me like I was a psycho as I kissed the little plastic box of baby tomatoes and hugged the spinach greens like a new born baby. I felt like the goonies when they found the treasure. That good.

numero dos.
We have a hammock in our backyard. I love it. I hog it. But, I'm learning to share. One night at about 10:00 pm I layed in the hammock, listened to "This is the Christ" by the MOTAB and looked up into the Guatemalan skies filled with millions of stars. It's a moment I will never forget.

After three hours of our citas falling through and 45 minutes of a menos activo yelling at us about diezmo (tithing), we prayed on a calle hon (little street) and asked that the spirit could help us find the "truth seekers" here in Samala. About an hour later we found 3 teenage girls that smiled when we told them that they were daughters of a King. I love the jovenes here. They are prepared!! 

Okay this one is awesome you guys.. So I don't remember if I told you this, but in the MTC it was my teacher's mission to help me learn how to roll my Rs. He was like, "Every day for 20 minutes you need to repeat the word Dracula over and over again." So, everyday I would go to my favorite window, stare at my Provo mountains and chant "DRACULA" -- much to my districts dismay. Well, that didn't work and to this day I still can't roll my Rs. But, something maravillosa happened! Hermana Leyva said, "Hermana Minnick, I am going to teach you to roll your R's if it's the last thing I do!" I just thought to myself, I've heard that one before. 

Anyway, we walked through the streets and
she would say: Perrrrro.  
I would say: Pedddddro.
Of course all of the chapinas are laughing their heads off at me!   Pero, de repente (But, out of the nowhere) I WAS ROLLING MY R's!  It was the weirdest thing ever!  I got so excited that when I went to do it again, a lot of spit came out and nada mas (nothing more). Anyway, I was happy. I'll keep practicing. Ya gotta keep the faith right?

There is a huge feria (fair) happening here in Samala. I've actually named it "Satan's Birthday Party". I've never experienced so many drunk people in my life! The horrible part is that it is right in the center of our area. We have to enter the house at 6 until Wednesday... Anyway, this isn't the happy part. On Sunday morning we left 2 hours before church started to round up our investigatores. I was thinking,
 "Oh this will be great! Nobody goes to the feria at 7 in the morning!" I was wrong. Every single one of our investigators had left, probably to the feria. Also, I could not hide from the bolos!! Within 15 minutes, one had sang to me, one had sat down and cried in front of me, another gave me a rock. I was thinking, "Is this real life?'"

My companion was just looking at me laughing the whole time and then she told me she was going to paint me brown. I honestly was really sad. I felt sick to my stomach for the people here. We felt so small... two 19 year old girls walking through Satan's Birthday Party, trying to invite people to come to church. We both had tears in our eyes. Then, behind us there were drunks tripping and falling trying to keep up with us.  We finally both looked at each other, and broke into a fit of laughter.  So hard!  It was all we could do!  After, we both said a prayer for a miracle. Ten minutes later we heard someone yelling our names! We turned and saw Evelin, one of our investigadores. Long story short, after a couple of drunk men encounters we made it to church with Evelin! I am so thankful for this miracle. I know Heavenly Father loves Evelin and I know He put her in our path! The members at church were so awesome with her too! 

I'm happy to be here in Samala. We have a lot of rough moments but the Lord blesses us more than we know. I'm thankful for the trials we face everyday. Our trials help us grow, they test our faith, and they help us to appreciate the small miracles and happy moments that the Lord blesses us with everyday! He is aware of us!!

I love this quote by Presidente Eyring:

"There is not one of us but what God's love has been expended upon. 
There is not one of us that He has not cared for and caressed. 
There is not one of us He has not desired to save, 
and that He has not devised means to save. 
There is not one of us that He has not given His angels charge concerning. 
We may be insignificant and contemptible in our own eyes, and in the eyes of others, but the truth remains that we are children of God, and that He has actually given His angels- invisible beings of power and might- charge concerning us, and they watch over us and have us in their keeping."

2013 October General Conference  To My Grandchildren

I know this is true. i have felt the presence of the heavenly angels assigned to me! Family and friends, I know that there are angels watching over and protecting you! YOU are important. Don't ever forget that!

I love you Mom, Dad, Weston and Zane!

Hermana Minnick


WESTON!!! MINNICK!!!! HAPPY!!! BIRTHDAY!!! I can't believe you are an adult!!! I love you with all of my heart and it makes me sad that I can't be with you on your birthday or when you receive your mission call. I will be there in spirit. I LOVE YOUUUU!!!

My cute compa!
Hey Birdie Birdie!

That awful moment when you smash a Gecko in the door. :(
A Guatemalan Cowboy

I like that they paint their houses neon colors...
Dad, ask Marshall if the HOA would let us paint ours neon green?

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