Monday, February 3, 2014


Hi Fam.

How are you? I miss you and I love you!

This week went by super fast. On a scale of 1-10 (ten being the hardest, one piece of cake)... this week was an 8.2. We got hard core rejected everyday! Every single one of our possibilities that we had fell through. Yesterday, we passed by 10 of our investigators houses and none of them came to church. It was super sad to take the sacrament alone (investigatorless), without someone who needs to feel the spirit in this sacred meeting. I want these people to come to know their Savior! Next Sunday, before you go to church, I want you to think of someone who isn't going. Go for them. They need the sacrament! They need to be reminded of the sweet spirit in this meeting! 

Besides the fact that this week was rough, it was also beautiful. I came to know my Savior a little bit more. I love the power of the Atonement. After a rather difficult rejection, I thought about Him. I can't even imagine how He must have felt in that garden. He bled from every pore. He served them, loved them, taught them the truth. And they rejected Him. I know I will never even come close to understanding what our Savior went through, but this week I think I understood just a little bit better His love and atonement.

We laughed a lot this week. Missionaries: if you're not laughing everyday, you're doing it wrong. No matter what happens, you just gotta smile! One day last week we were walking in the street and all of the sudden my companion grabbed my arm. I looked over and she had her eyes closed. I asked her what she was doing but she kept quiet, so I just let her hang on to my arm and I led her as we walked. About 5 minutes later she opened her eyes and said, "Hermana Minnick, I am so thankful for my eyes." I don't know why but this one liner made me tear up. We had had a rough day and she reminded me that I needed to be thankful for the countless blessing that I have!

"If you can't laugh, you are doing it wrong!"

We laughed really hard another time this week when we got chased by a drunk man. I told you last week that I know all of them...the angry ones, funny ones, creepy ones...etc. etc. Well, what I didn't know was that one of them can run. And fast. This one in particular is an old investigator of Hna Betancourth and Hna Morris (the other sisters that live with us). Anyway, I guess that they tried to help this guy and his girlfriend get married so las hermanas had their "papers".  To this drunk guy, apparently I looked like Hermana Morris. So we walked past him, he said a couple of mean names and I ignored him. But, all of the sudden I looked to the right and my companion is gone. I looked forward and she was hauling it, full on sprinting. I look back and the drunk man is right on my tail running -in a straight line- yelling about his papers. I was laughing so hard but also I was a little bit nervous because he has long legs for a Guatemalan. Luckily a guy in the bishopric saw us running/screaming/laughing and he saved us. It felt really good to run, but I will be avoiding that street!

The mission field is awesome. I truly love Guatemala. I love to be a representative of my Savior! I love to share the truth!

I love all of you!!! I hope you all have a wonderful February filled with many Valentines.
Hasta ver,
Hermana Minnick

Congrats ky ky hunt on the engagement! LOVE YOU!

"I tried this for like 5 minutes... that's all I lasted!"  

This gives me a major headache!!!

Sent to me by Hermana Ostler:  At a training meeting
for trainers y trainees with my girl Hermana Minnick.
Our two companions were companions in the MTC.

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