Monday, February 10, 2014

Whit's Comps Learning English - VIDEO

There is a big push in the REU mission for the English speaking missionaries to teach the native Spanish speakers English.  I love this program.  Not only does Whit get to learn awesome Spanish…she gets to help her companions learn a skill that will help them in their future educational goals, prospective jobs, and ultimately help them be great leaders in the church when they return home.  Plus, the sisters in this video are incredible.  

I had no idea we would love Whit’s companions like we have.  Sister Betancourth (on the right in the video) is from Honduras.  She is one of the head sister training leaders now (Sister AP) and Whit said she loves learning English.  We were able to send her the Scriptures in English for Christmas.  Whitney’s companions have been INCREDIBLE!!!  

This video is so fun!  I love these beautiful Hermana's!!!

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