Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Octubre.

Meet my hija...Hermana Jimenez. 
Everyone thinks she is a gringa. Everyone asks 
if we are sisters, we say yes!


I hope your GC weekend was relaxing! Mine was the opposite, but as my hija mexicana always says, "lo importante es que estamos vivos." Yeah. GC here was insane!  It is a HUGE opportunity for missionaries to bring investigators to hear the Prophets voice! GC season is the time to turn up your knotches to high power blast mode and invite every living breathing person with eyes to see and ears to hear the prophets and apostles of the Lord!!!!!!   We worked HARD. Even to the point where I thought that if I had to take one more step I would collapse. And I did, but luckily on my bed. We invited every person we saw, and it paid off.  So many people came!  As a zone, we didn't meet our goal, but we got pretty darn close!!! Satan worked really hard this week too, the satellite had a ton of problems. On Saturday we had to find members with TVs to watch the conference with all of our investigators. 

Also, this week it decided not to rain and so the heat in Pajapita was UNBEARABLE!!!! One night I woke up at 2 in the morning sweating buckets, I looked at my Lewis and Clark alarm clock and it said that it was EIGHTY NINE degrees in my room. I went to the pila dumped three buckets of water on my head and then attempted to sleep with my fan blowing hot air on me...haha.  Okay, totally got sidetracked... 

CONFERENCE!  Wasn't it awesome?!  My favorite talk was Elder Bednars!!  It was awesome because ALL of my investigators had their eyes glued to the screen!  I also LOVED hearing the talks in Spanish.  It is so much better than hearing a translator!!  The members here loved that too! I have to re-read and re-watch all of the talks though.. I have a hard time paying attention because I am always so worried about my investigators, watching their body language, and praying that they can understand and feel the spirit! 


By 4 pm after the Sunday session my companion and I were zombies, but we prayed for strength to go and challenge our investigators with FECHAS!  We are going to see miracles!

We had interviews with President this week. He is awesome!  As usual my interview was short and sweet. 

I know that I am forgetting something important but I can't rememberrrr!!!! 

Today we went to the beach and I fell asleep in a hammock for 30 minutes, it is the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time. I love hammocks, and the beach. 

Uh, as for Weston and his comment about annoying sister missionaries... Yes, you are right, there are some sisters missionaries that complain and whine and cause a lot of problems. I hope you know that I am not one of them. Also, I could make a really long list of dumb things that elders do. But I won't because that would take up my whole hour! Good luck this change, keep working hard!!  BAPTIZE!!! Love you Westifer. 

I love you family!!!!! 

Hermana Minnick

HUGE SHOUTOUT to Renee package of my life....goldfish!!!!!

I killed him with a broom.  He is the smallest one.

In between one of the sessions of general conference my comp and I stacked a ton of wood while our investigator showered.

Today we went to the beach!

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