Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bodas, Bautismos, y RATS!

Well, I hate rats. I had never seen one until I came to Guatemala! Rats are taking over my house. I´ve gotten really good at using my matrix skills to dodge them when they pop out in unexpected moments! Just pray that I don't get bitten by one...I hear those rabies shots kill!!!

Anyway... We had a wedding!!!!! And a baptism!!! It was the best, most stressful day of my mission!! We had some paper issues and suegro issues, but in the end, it all worked out! I have never prayed so hard for my investigators. On my mission I have learned to become a hair dresser, floral arranger, and a rat killer. Hermana Jimenez and I did Maylin's hair for the wedding, we didn't know what we were doing but it turned out great. We also decorated for the wedding...in 3 hours. When in doubt: streamers, white balloons and flowers... they love that stuff here! It all turned out beautifully. When I will get home I will tell you the details of the story. Its too long and crazy and you probably wouldn't believe me. But, thanks for the prayers!! Luis and Maylin are awesome, they already gave us references of all of their nonmember family members that came to the wedding and baptism!

Maylin's Hair

Witness at a wedding!

I bought every flower that the mercado had and then put them all together...

What else? OH YA!! I forgot to tell you guys last week... I am living with Hermana LEYVA too!! My dos hijas!!! It has been a real party! Hermana Leyva brings out my crazy side, so that's fun. 

I feel so scattered brained right now. 

Remember my goal that I have to invite 1000 people to be baptised? Yeah, well I have had to edit that goal a little bit because I am training, and if I am a good trainer I am going to let my hija do most of the challenging. So, as a companionship we are going to challenge 1000 people!! Its been two weeks... we only have 100. Pray for us! hahaa! 900 people are waiting to invited. 

Update on purple hair: now it is red. And no, mother... I did not have lice. Thanks for asking.

This week is general conference!!! I am so excited!!! Our goal as a zone is to bring 75 people. There are 12 missionaries in our zone. We have faith! Zona Pajapita is a zone of miracles!!!!!! I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet! Listen to and apply his words to your life!! 

I love you guys a ton!!!!
Hermana Minnick

Pray that the satellite in Pajapita will work so that we can watch GC! On Saturday for the Women's session it didn't work!!!! Pray really hard!!!

The water in the baptismal font, I also shower with that water, and wash my clothes with that water... 

Maria Jose´s baptism...she has a lot of supporters!

We love weddings! We love baptisms!!   Maylin y Luis
(Tam: Whits new comp is a doll!!!!!) 

Tam Note:  
Email:  whitney.minnick@myldsmail.net
Blog:  www.whitneyminnick.blogspot.com  (lots more pics…on blog)

Also…I had a good reason to ask if she had lice….  dying your hair will kill the little critters.  It was a valid question!  :)  I also had fun chatting with her on Monday…Chatting is just typing really fast back and forth for a very quick hour.  I am trying to help her get registered at BYU.  Never enough time — but, if you have any BYU MyMap / Registration questions… I am your gal.  I wanted to register her for "Marriage Prep” - a class at BYU.  Didn’t make her list….  WHAAAAAAT????  

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