Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Livin la vida eternaaa

Hola family,

Como estan? I hope your week was awesome! Mine sure was! I have LOVED this change and I can't believe it is almost over! Everyday I beg my companion to extend. Hermana Lopez is so cool... its always nice when you and your companion are on the same page. I love my small distrizona and I love being the only gringa! Sometimes I go days and days without even muttering an English word. I dream in Spanish. I think in Spanish. Yay Spanish!

There aren't adjectives good enough to describe just how awesome Pajapita is! The members know what they are doing, they have their heads screwed on straight. They are all super talented and dedicated to the Lord. They are excited to be member missionaries! Yay Pajapita!

My investigators are the bomb! In the last two weeks we have found 10 families. Some more positive than others. Almost all of them seem to have the same problem.. they aren't married! BUT GUESS WHAT? We are going to marry them, and then baptize them. Yay families!

This letter is just going to be random...try and follow me...

I love it when my investigators ask, "What is the Priesthood?" That is such a good question. 1. Because that means that they actually read what we left them to read. and 2.  When investigators understand the importance of the priesthood, they get baptised! The Priesthood is what makes us different.

On Friday we went to Xetulul. (Guatemalas Disneyland) as a result of reaching our goals. I'm lucky because my companion is a dare devil like me. We went on every single ride. The rides were good for Guatemala, but I think I got more entertainment watching the faces of some of the latino missionaries experiencing their first roller coaster...so funny!

Honestly, I feel extremely blessed and incredibly grateful. Like those shirts and hat's say, "Life is good!" Obviously there are tough times too. Every once in a while I step in some fresh dog poop and sometimes it is so hot I think I might just incinerate on the spot. Sometimes I just want to hibernate like a bear! But, there is nothing more liberating than overcoming the natural man!

Now directly my letter to Westifer... I don't know what you're talking about! Your letters are 20 times better than mine! I am learning from you and I have 15 months in the mission! So, keep them coming! Just an FYI... my trainer was from Tremonton too. Twinners! I hope your Spanish is coming along and I hope all of the Latinos laugh at you.

Zane. I still have yet to hear from you! We're going on 6 months dude. If you don't write me a letter soon, when I get home I will personally kick you right in the behind! Get on it mister! Also, keep your perro off of my bed and give him a good name. In fact, you need to approve his name with me first. I love you Zane. (TAM NOTE -- Zane wrote Whit a letter... hasn't reached her yet!!!)

Mom and Dad, thank you and I love you guys!

Hermana Minnick

P.S. I know that I have forgotten like 20 birthdays. Forgive me? Half the time I don't even know what day it is!  Only Saturdays...because that's when I challenge my investigators to get baptised. Anyway, happy birthday. I am glad you were born!

P.P.S. Like my companion always says, "Run Forrest Run!!" I have no idea where she learned that...


Ridin dem rides!

My Zone!

my hair needs help...

little chapinos

high 5

I can't get enough of the children in Guatemala!

Eating lunch yesterday...hot soup!

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