Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy 15th!

Today is Guatemala´s Fourth of July. Currently there are a million firecrackers going off in front of this internet cafe. I can hardly hear myself think, but I´ll do my best! Viva Guatemala!!!

So here´s some news... last night I was almost entering into my sleeping coma when I got a call from Elder Barrus (the assistant). I was worried. First, because it was 11:00 pm and second because usually when you get a call from the assistant that means you should start packing your bags for emergency changes. But, don´t worry,  I'm still here in Pajapita!!  I'M TRAINING!!!  I am 99.9% sure that she will be a latina because only one gringa comes. I am excited! I love training!! Weston, you're being trained right now... do you have any advice? Do´s and Do Not's?

This week was weird for many reasons, I´ll list a few:

1. I was obligated to eat unwanted street food and pulled the longest black hair out of my mouth. I almost lost it in front of my investigators...its a good thing I have a strong stomach.

2. I tried a piece of chocolate and liked it!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?

3. We went to REU every other day!!  I went back to my old area Pedregal for a day with Hermana Garcia while my comp went to the temple. Gotta love the good ole days in the office.

4. I watched my companion pack her bags last night!! I will miss hna Lopez! One of my favorite companions!!

5. I let Hermana Rodas dye my hair from one of those 20 dollar boxes from the store. It turned out better than I thought it would...

Anyways, it was just a weird week. 

My investigators are doing well. All of our families are having issues getting married!!  We are dealing with passports and birth certificates and all kinds of stuff and it is all a big headache!  But, totally worth it!! Also, please pray for Maria Jose!!

This last week we also had a multi-zona conferencia with Pres. Ruiz! I love my mission president! He is so awesome! He challenged us all to put 5 goals to achieve before we go home. I am going to share with you guys my goals so that you can cheer me on and pray for me...haha

1. Invite 1000 people to be baptised.

2. Baptize two families.

3. Reactivate 2 priesthood holders in Rama Pajapita.

4. Write a card to every one of my converts with my testimony.

5. Read (study) The Book of Mormon in my last 3 months.

I like what Zaner told dad, "Dad, I can do anything I put my mind to." That´s right Zane!! 

I love you guys!!! 

Hermana Minnick

P.S. Okay, one dog was pushing it... BUT TWO!?!? 

Note from Tam:  
SHE DYED HER HAIR?  She has twelve weeks left and she dyed her hair!!  OH DEAR!!!  Also, she is going to need ALL of your prayers....inviting 1,000 people to be baptized in the next 12 weeks is about 13.89 people per day receiving a baptismal invitation...  that's excluding P-Days!!  :)  We are praying for you Whit!  Love the faith of our missionaries!  

My investigator's kitchen

RIP reloj!  It snapped in half after 15 months...
such a sad day.

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