Monday, October 20, 2014

The Living Christ

This letter is going to be short and sweet because I am having computer issues!!
This week was pretty difficult. We had to drop a family and that was pretty painful. However, we found another family of oro! We taught a lot of people who were pretty confused about the purpose of life in general, and we also had a crazy experience with a pastor. A lot of people wanted to contend with us this week, but we didn't let them! In each situation Hermana Jimenez and I could only offer our simple but powerful testimonies.
This week was also a week of miracles and spiritual experiences. I could tell that my hija was feeling a little tired of the missionary routine and she felt a little down. We started memorizing The Living Christ. That made a huge difference! We only have 3 paragraphs down, but I am glad to know that my memorization skills are still in tact! It was amazing to me how much closer I felt to the Lord. I know that He lives and I invite each of you to memorize The Living Christ too!
Yesterday we saw a huge miracle with our investigators. We had 9 investigators (Carlos, Esteben, Jose, Victor, Maria, Edison, Liber, Delmis, and Meradi..please pray for them) with one family at church! The best part was that most of them came by themselves. Usually I feel like I have to tie a rope to their wrist and walk them to church... But yesterday each of them came with a DESIRE and that made all of the difference. I am excited to help them this week to recognize the spirit, invite them to repent and be baptised.
I love this work! I hope that you are all being the best member missionaries that you can be!!! Help out the missionaries!!
Con Amor,
Hermana Minnick

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