Monday, August 19, 2013

A day in the life of Hermana Minnick

Hello my wonderful, beautiful, smart, fun, athletic family and friends! (If you need a confidence boost just write me)
How are you? I hope your answer is HAPPY!
This week I'm going to give you.... A day in the life of Hermana Minnick...just in case you're wondering what it is like to be a missionary in Retalhuleu.
3:29 am  An army of mutated dogs have a barking fest for 20 minutes.
5:00 am  They turn on the music. I cry inside.
6:15 am  I book it to the get the point.
6:30 am  The alarm goes off. We pray.
6:35 am  Laundry. This is where I take my detergent, fill up my bucket, and dump my already soaking wet clothes into the bucket filled with brown water. Then, I dump like half of the bag of detergent into the bucket. Probably too much but I don't care, I want my clothes to smell like flowers at least for five minutes. Then I make my trek down our moldy stairs to the pila. A pila is a big cement thing with three to scrub your clothes, one with water to rinse, and I don't know what the other one is for...I actually really enjoy laundry time because I get to listen to general conference talks. I AM SO GRATEFUL I BROUGHT AN IPOD! I LOVE YOU MOTAB!! Also, I think I've already listened to all 98 general conference talks...Anyways, I have buff arms from doing my laundry. You should see me mom, you would be proud. All of my whites are still white!! Then after I wash, I hang my clothes up to dry. They dry rock hard and I'm pretty sure its because I use so much detergent.

7:30 am  I workout. I can do a real push up. #word

8:00 am  Personal Study. One of my favorite hours of the day. If I had to choose between food and personal study, I choose personal study hands down no questions asked.

9:00 am  Companionship Study. I love my companion because she is a scripture genius and teaches me a lot. Also, this is the hour where we practice teaching and I really feel dumb but I'm getting better! HAHA (that is for you Uncle Troy).

10:00 am  Training. This is where we watch videos of the missionaries in the states and laugh our heads off. It is SO MUCH DIFFERENT here! We definitely don't have the support here like you guys do. Also, we do more practices. This week the book says, "The new missionary takes the lead in teaching the Plan of Salvation and extending appropriate commitments and invitations" If you need a teacher...I'm your man.
11:00-1:00 Work
Do you want to know what it is like to teach a lesson here in Canton Peru? Well I'll tell you... Okay, close your eyes and have someone read this to you. Imagine you are in Zane's room, but smaller, and the floors are dirt and the walls and the ceilings are tin. Now, bring in a burning stove, 15 humidifiers, a blow dryer and put a wet damp washcloth over your face. Yep. Now, you sit down on a plastic decaying dollar store stool. You look up to see a slender woman breast feeding her child. The other children are jumping on top of you or trying to ride their pet pig through the house. A moldy duck rubs up against your leg, a mosquito bites you three times. Then all of the sudden it starts to rain. Or wait, is that a waterfall hitting the roof? The next door neighbors rap is blasting, and the tuk tuks are zooming by. The evangelico church next door has a soloist singing "I am saved" through a karaoke machine. Two words...tone deaf. But, then you sing "Soy un Hijo de Dios" you pray with the woman, you teach her the restored gospel, you tell her she is important, that she has purpose, that through the Savior she can be clean. Through all of the noise and outside commotion, the spirit still manages to touch her heart, to remind you that the work that you are doing is important, is life saving. That is why I love being a missionary. There is nothing better. I wouldnt have it any other way.
1:00 pm  Lunch. So here, lunch is a BIG deal! Like people go to school in the morning and at night so that they can be home for lunch. Also, I hate the excuse, "Oh I can't come to church, I have to cook lunch!" Don't you people know that your soul is more important than your lunch??? I just don't understand...Yesterday I had fun at lunch, I found a chicken organ in my soup. Also I think I'm going to be the Grinch who Stole Christmas but instead I'm going to Steal all the OIL in Guatemala!  I can feel my arteries clogging. Oil is MALO!  Shanoah Ulibarri you are in big trouble...I'm addicted to Chicky...
2:00 pm  Language Study. One day I'll be fluent.
3:00-8:00 pm  Work 
I love working. When I'm working I'm the happiest. I love teaching the people here about why I'm happy. I love sharing this message with everyone! It is something that everyone needs to hear. EVERYONE! Whether they accept it or not, there is a God above who loves them personally, who knows them, who rejoices when they choose to do good and weeps when they choose to do evil. His arms are always open. I love declaring that Jesus is the Christ, our Redeemer and our Savior. That this is His gospel, restored through a boy that had a question. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and I know that we have a living prophet today, Thomas S. Monson. I love sharing this truth. Always remember the purpose of this life. Have an eternal perspective. Be happy, press forward with faith, laugh, love and smile.
Moving on...
8:00-10:30 pm  Plan, eat Honey Nut "ant" Cherrios and gecco poo eggs, shower out of my buckets and hit the hay.
A day in the life...

Now I have homework for you guys...
There is a talk by Jospeh B. Wirthlin called "Come What May and Love It." Go listen! 

Now for shout outs!!!
Marta, Welsey, and Raquel!!!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! It was like Christmas when I got the pillows, food and crocs! You guys are seriously awesome!!! My neck can now rest in peace at night! I hope you had fun in GUAT!
Also, I got letters from Tay Campbell, Shanoah, Sara, Grandma Linda, and Zane!! Thank you guys! I am sending out letters for each of you today!!!! 
Grandpa Chuck...Happy Birthday!
Mom and Dad..Happy Anniversary!
Tanner Minnick...write me.
I love all of you!! Have a happy week! Don't forget who you are. 
Con mucho amor,
Hna. Minnick

My AMAZING Companion Hermana Petersen - very HOT day!

Hermana Petersen trekking through the jungle!

Hermana Merrill, Love HER!!!

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