Monday, August 12, 2013

The mEjor buckets en el mundo

Well Hello!

Another week of my mission is gone!! Wow! 

On Saturday I had my first baptism! Her name is Floridalma! were right, there truly is nothing better than bringing a soul to Christ!  I hope that I will see MANY more baptisms!  I love the people here...even when they laugh at my Spanish!  My Spanish is coming SLOWLY.  Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever learn this language!! I did not think it would be this hard!  But hey, it's definitely worth it!!!! 

Guatemala is crazy. I say that everyday. There isn't a day that passes where my jaw doesnt drop. There are really no laws here... it's a crazy adventure.  I am loving every second of it!

Here, the kids start working at age 5. The grandparents usually take care of the kids because the parents are working.  Around 14 years old they start having families...we teach the Law of Chastity -- A LOT.  Also, if they don't go to work one day, they don't have the money to feed their family for that day.  I live in a really poor area. It breaks my heart to see the starving children. Their living conditions are horrible. I have really only seen dirt floors. They have hard, hard lives. I am so grateful for all that I have. I wish I could give it all away. But, I do have something to give. The gospel. I thinks that's the best gift I can give. It is a miracle to see how the gospel changes lives here. I love the people. I can't wait until I can speak spanish to help them even more.
We cross this river almost everyday!
My two best friends...
So I have good news and bad news. Good news first..we finally have light in our bathroom. Bad news..we finally have light in our bathroom. Now, I can see the water I am pouring all over myself with dead spiders and who else knows what. Usually the water is black but I don't have any weird diseases yet. I have decided that if I were stranded on an island and could only take three things I would take...  My two buckets and a Book of Mormon.

My two best friends, yes I shower with that black water!

I have two buckets that I literally do everything with. Shower. Wash my dishes. Wash my clothes. I sit on them. I flush the toilet with them. I love my buckets. I would be lost without them. I think everyone should have a bucket. 

I'm used to it now. There have been some weird meats but I have a good relationship with the dogs around lunch time!  Also, in mi casa there are ants my cheerios, activia yogurt, apples -- the ants are in every nook and cranny I swear. I just eat them. If I didn't I would starve. I'm just like, "Hey look, some protein." 

Anyways, I love all of you. Remember to be thankful for everything that you have...clean drinking water, a flushing toilet, air conditioning, a tootbrush without ants... Life is GOOD! Life is HAPPY! Remember who you are and why you are here! Don't waste time, go out and help somebody! Someone eat Cafe Rio for me too!


Hola from Guatemala!

Shout outs..
Grandma Linda! I got your letter on August 6th!!! Thank you! I LOVE you!!
Stacey! I got your postcard!! LOVE AND MISS YOU!
Mom...I got the letter that you sent from Dad! 
Also, I got all of your dear elders too!!!!

Floridalma Baptism!
Con amor,
Hermana Minni (spanish accent)

Green, Green & Green!!

Where I wash my clothes each morning - Pila!

All the Hermana's in our Zone!

My kitchen!

Mi Casa!


  1. You are so awesome! Your heart is so big! There are those who have returned with their families to serve the people of may run into them. They are teaching them to grow food to have chickens & pigs & fish and to make "latrines" that do not pollute their own water sources. They have lived on corn, corn, corn for generations stunting their growth. I love that they are such a beloved people that those who love them would literally stop their own lives here, transport their families and devoted their lives to teaching these great people self-sufficiency and how to go from barely survive to thrive. The Gospel is obviously that first step...having light in their lives!! I am looking for their names & the name of their group...of course it escapes me right now. How awesome though!! Sister Lassen ended up becoming a nurse there on her mission (with NO previous experience!) she was just NEEDED! LOL Now she works in an "extended" medical field. Wild. Love the Gospel. We never know!! I love your "spunk'! ...and it IS a 2 yr camping trip!! Sending much love, Sis Stillings

  2. These are the missionaries who returned years later with their families & are there it!! I found their site. You may run into them!!

  3. Thank you so much Sandi! I copied your comments and sent them to Whit through Hope you are well! We miss you in our ward!

  4. For some thinks I (Tami) am Whitney on google because I manage her blog.... these messages are from ME! Tami! HAHA!!