Monday, August 5, 2013

Guatemala Stole Utah's Rain

First, I need to apologize! I should probably talk about my companion who I am with 24/7 and how I'm going to be the next mission nurse and how I am one of the only North Americans who hasn't gotten sick and how I have my first baptism!!... I'm really sorry MOM! I left a lot of information out of my last email but my brain was going one hundred miles per hour!!!

1. My Companion
Hermana Peterson from Tremonton, Utah! She is the mission nurse! She is also a regular missionary too! Literally she gets a billion calls a day about the sicknesses... I'm learning a lot about the fun diseases here! She is awesome! She has 14 months on her mission, she goes home in November! She is so patient with me! I am her very first Norte companion! She is blond and we are both gringas so we get a lot of attention on the streets...haha! I love her! I will be with her for my 3 month training!

Mi Casa - note the purple towel... its from REI and it is supposed to dry super fast! 

 2. Mission Nurse
Apparently I am the next mission nurse. I don't know squat. I only know surgical instruments and where you use them in the body and I like blood and guts. I don't know symptoms and stuff like that!  BUT, I'm going to learn! There are 233 missionaries in this mission. Pray for me please! The weird sicknesses people get here are crazy.  Also, out of all the Nortes, I am the only one who hasn't gotten sick or had any health problems! I AM THE LAST ONE STANDING!

Whit may be the "last one standing" but this is what she is standing on!  I COULD BARELY POST this pic.  She looks like she is 9 mos pregnant... or 9 mos old!  JJ said the feet look like Capris (his 9 month old).  It is so hot there (record heat wave for REU) and then the constant walking, etc.   Whit's caption on this photo was "Cute huh?" 

3. Food 
I can eat the food here like a boss now. I literally pump myself up for lunch time. I pretend its like a drill in volleyball. I go in, then I pray before that what I eat doesn't kill me, and then I pound the food as fast as I can without looking. I'm alive and I'm not starving this week!!! There is a store here, WITH PEANUT BUTTER! I also bought bread, apples, Activa, and munchies. I'm content! They actually have really good bread here, so I think I'm gaining weight...whoops. I don't even care.

holy cow! The streets turn into rivers. One time I was walking through the river street and I felt something heavy attached to my leg. I looked down and there was a giant dead bird caught on my dress. I was like, "Oh Hi dead bird..GET AWAY FROM MEEEE!" I was screaming because I couldn't shake it off. My companion was dying. I have experiences like that everyday I swear.

Singing in the rain and the street!  Whit requested more pairs of "cute" crocs.  She's over the fashion statement and she is only on week two!!

5. The People
I love them. I'm not going to lie, this has been the hardest thing I have ever done. But, the people here make it all worth it. They are so kind, warm and willing to listen!
I HAVE MY VERY FIRST BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!!! Her name is Floridalma! She is 17! I am so happy for her! I'm the most happy when I'm teaching the people. Last night I taught the restoration 3 times as the sun was setting over the jungle. I listened to the buzz of the bugs (I have like 50 mosquito bites on my legs) and watched the fireflies.

Whit's scriptures and her dad's mission tag!  love it

I love looking at the people I am teaching right in the eyes and bearing my testimony that I know that Joseph is a Prophet of God. That we have a living Prophet today, that the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth again. It's my favorite thing to do. Bear testimony with conviction. For me, reading out of the scriptures everyday is just as important as food and water. It's a necessity! In this changing world of despair, sadness, and hurt, the gospel is constant. We have reason to be happy! We have purpose to move forward!

Thank you for praying for me, I really do feel your prayers! 
Keep your head held high and remember who you are!
Read your scriptures and eat your vegetables!
Stay classy!
Love, hna. Minnick

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