Monday, August 26, 2013


Hello my wonderful family!

The email this week is dedicated to YOU! So mom, you can decide whether to send it out or put it on the blog or whatever!
I love you. I miss you. I pray for you everyday. I want you to know how much each of you matter to me. You  don't understand. Here, the families are broken. The father is drunk, the mother is off with some other man, and the kids are starving. It is devastating. They need the gospel. I am so thankful that we have the gospel. Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching us true and correct principles. Thank you for protecting our family. I am so thankful for temples and for our eternal family.  The temple is so important! I hope that ALL of you during this new school year will take the time to attend the temple EVERY week. It's more important than anything, apple, cowboy boots, volleyball!! Tonight for family night I want you guys to set a goal to attend the temple every week TOGETHER as a family! Pick a day, pick a time, and GO! I know you people are busy, but I want to you think for a moment why you're here and who sent you here. Give the Lord more of your time and I PROMISE you will be blessed. As you attend the temple as a family, I know that you will be protected. I know our family will be blessed. In my patriarchal blessing it says that as long as I attend the temple, my family would be protected. I can't go to the temple here, but you can go to the temple there! Get up and go!!! There are people up there waiting to receive the gospel! Waiting for you to do their temple work! PLEASE GO! Pick a Thursday night, or Friday morning. Just make time for the temple. I promise that it will make our family stronger! Zane, you turn 12 soon! So exciting!! Also, tonight I would like it if you guys could listen to a talk by Ezra Taft Benson. It's called The Book of Mormon Keystone of Our Religion. Please read the scriptures TOGETHER every day. Make time.
It's Back to School time! How exciting!

Mom: You first, because I miss you the most!!!! 
Hi Mom! How are ya?
I hope that this school year can be ALL about YOU! You should get massages, pedicures, your hair done, and do it all for me! (Because every night I look like I jumped in a mud pit 4 times and got bit by 32 bugs). I love you mom. I want you to remember that Apple is good but you are better. Also, when I get home we are going to run a half marathon together (a marathon sounds miserable) so start training now. I want you to have fun too. Don't get stressed. If it doesn't matter in 2 minutes then who careeeesss! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!

Dad: I think that you should slow down sometimes. Go sit under the pergola, go on a mountain hike, go throw a ball with Zane in the back yard. Have fun. I love you dad. Also, make Weston read Preach my Gospel. You should read it with him. I think we should be a preach my gospel family. Help them learn to be member missionaries. Preach my Gospel could also help the missionary work in our ward too! READ IT! Anyways, I LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!

Weston. Weston. Weston: You are in trouble. Write me. Now!! Or at least send a picture. I want to give you some advice for your senior year. Take it or leave it. Ready? HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!! You probably weren't expecting that right? I wish I would have had more fun senior year, I don't think you will have any problems with that. BUT... also you should try hard in school so that we can go to BYU together (that was for mom).  Also Weston, go easy on the girls. You have a mission to serve! Read your scriptures EVERYDAY. Be an example to those around you. Be an example to the football team, to your school. Do not tolerate any bad language, don't talk about others, don't do stupid things. Set the example. Be like the Savior. Be kind to everyone and pray for opportunities everyday to find someone that you can help or lift or serve. Don't ever be afraid or awkward about doing something nice for someone! I love you Weston.

ZANER:!!!! I LOVE YOU BUDDY! I can't believe you turn 12 in like a month. Are you excited? 12 is an important number! You're going to be able to receive the Priesthood, pass the Sacrament, go the Temple, young men's, and you will probably grow like 5 feet. Zane, strive to be a Priesthood man. If you don't know what that means then ask dad. I am so proud of you! I am so happy that you are playing football! How cool is that? Football will help you be a better volleyball player. I hope you don't beat me when I get back! To answer your question, here the kids play futbol (soccer) but I think football and volleyball are cooler. Also, remember to keep your locker clean. I cant believe you're in MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!! Crazzyyy! Make sure you choose your friends wisely Zane.  Also, have fun!!! I love you!
I love my family! I am so happy that I get to be with you forever! 

Now, I'm going to go work my hardest to help the families here.
Set a goal for the temple!
Listen to that talk!
Love each other!!!
Con MUCHO amor,
Hna. Minnick



  1. I don't even know your daughter. A friend of a friend on FB posted this. Thanks for sharing. It reminded me of my mission and how much LOVE each missionary has for the work they are doing and how easy it is for them to spread that love. Just reading it brought tears of happiness to my eyes.
    Thanks again.

    1. Krista - thank you! The only way I make it through having her gone is reading her letters each week! Guatemala is an awesome crazy place! I'm glad she is bringing joy to others too! Have a wonderful week!