Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello Fellow Americans!

Hello Fellow Americans!

The people stare at me here.
1. Because I am "alta"... tall which I have never been called in my life. 
2. Because I am a white gringita.
3. Because I wear church clothes 24-7.
4. Because I have a big black tag on my shirt.

I love when people stare at me, I smile at them and their jaws drop! I love representing Jesus Christ. I don't think I ever truly understood that I am literally a representative of Him. I have to remind myself everyday that I represent my Savior and my family. It makes all of the difference when I remember that. He loves everyone. I hope that one day I will have the pure love of Christ.

These past 6 weeks have been hard, happy, tiring, fun, and frustrating all in one. I wouldn't have it any other way!! I know that the Lord takes care of His missionaries. I know that as I work hard the Lord will prepare people for me to teach!!

In other news, I have 3 baptisms coming up this Saturday!!! Fatima, Susan, and Moises!!! Technically I won't be there but I'm still counting them! I love the people here! I am praying really hard that I can find a family to teach. I want to get people to the temple!!!

BIG news!!
Drum roll please.....

I'm going to have changes on Wednesday!!!! This past week Hermana Petersen and I LIVED in the office. There were A LOT of sick missionaries. Dengue fever is a beast!! President has decided to have the mission nurses work more in the office. So, he talked to me and we decided that right now I need to focus on the work, learning the language, and on my training! I am almost positive that on Wednesday I will have my first native companion!!!  Pray for me!! I struggle with Spanish but last week I talked on the phone to natives so I can see a little improvement! Whooo Hooooo! I am excited to focus on the work and learn this language. In two or three months I might be the nurse again, but rumor is that they are sending a nurse that will work only in the office.  I am so happy and excited!


MOM! I got all 3 packages! WOW! Thanks! The almonds saved my life. Also thanks for the jump rope and TRX thing... The school supplies are perfect for the kids here!

Belgica!!! You are an angel! Thanks for those bars! Good Luck!!! You will love the MTC!
Grandparents...I got all of your letters!! I love and miss you!

I also got letters from Brooklyn and Shanoah!! 

All of you letter writers - I LOVE YOU!

Remember to read your scriptures and pray!!!!
Stay classy,
Hna. Minnick

My mission is beautiful!
Fatima & Susan, getting baptized on Sat. They are teaching me Spanish.  I am on a 3rd grade level!  WASSSSSSUUUUPPPP!
Ali & Fernando, Hijos of recent converts!

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