Tuesday, September 24, 2013



First, an item of business. Etiquette School! Parents, could you please do me a favor and save one dollar a day so that when I come home I can learn to be a girl again. Yesterday I completed 2 months here in Guatemala. I remember my first day looking down into my lunch bowl of flaming hot oil with a half-dead chicken and thinking:

"If I pour this into my backpack and my himno is ruined, I can just lip sync from now on!"
"Where are the mutated dogs?"

"Hermana Petersen, if you eat this, I will give the datos every night for 2 weeks!" 

I would like to report that now I pick up the half-dead chicken and as Hermana Petersen taught me, "Hermana Minnick, ya gotta suck to the bone. Clean the plate!" I have no problems anymore. What is a napkin? What is a fork? I don't know, they're non-existent in my world. Also, I have said "Ten second rule" one too many times in the past week!!  So yes, Padres, a dollar a day so that one day I can have nice enough manners to get married. Gracias.
I am acostumbrada. I look down during sacrament meeting to my shoes filled with dried mud...coooooool, it's great exfoliation. My body automatically wakes up at 6:10 without an alarm. The rain is my shower. The people laugh at my Spanish. Mosquito's love my blood. The fruit is to die for. The grass is greener, the sun shines brighter, and the church is true! I am acostumbrada and I love it. I am here because I know. 

I have been called to represent my family and my Savior here in the area of San Francisco, in the zone Mazatenango, in the mission Guatemala Retalhuleu. What a blessing and a privilege I have!  I have never felt so blessed, loved, protected, and happy. There are challenging times, times to test my faith and obedience. I will always strive with all of my heart to stand on the Lord's side of the line. I invite you to do the same! Don't let Satan attack you. Remember:  Wickedness never was happiness. Don't make excuses!  Never say, "I'll only do it just this once...one time won't hurt." No!  Take your stand. Be obedient, think clearly, pray for the spirit to guide you!  I promise you that if you are doing the small and simple things, you will be protected and guided by the spirit!  Remember your worth! You are important and your purpose is clear if you center your life around our Savior. 

Last Saturday the Chavez family was baptized. I love them!  I didn't know it was possible to love my investigators like this. I have seen this family gradually center their lives and home in our Savior. What a difference it makes. I now understand the meaning of the word "joy".

The Chavez Family, minus Flora my abuelita...she will be baptized this saturday! This family is my heart.

To my family: I love you!  Thank you for raising me in a Christ centered home. Please remember to keep an eternal perspective. Pray for my Guatemalans!  Give thanks for the blessings you have!  Lastly, be a good example. The prophets have said, "every member a missionary."

I am Hermana Minnick, I enjoy tone deaf melody's of Soy Un Hijo de Dios accompanied by a recorder (a story for another day), eating exotic fruits, attempting to catch fireflies, learning Espanol AND I know that The Book of Mormon is true.


1. ZANE!!! Happy late birthday! I hummed the happy birthday song for you when I woke up on Sunday! I am so proud of you! Remember to be a priesthood man!

2. Don Miguel Julio Juarez the 3rd! I got your dear elder. HERE IS YOUR SHOUTOUT!  
I LOVE YA!!!!!!

3. Grandma Linda, I love your letters!  I love you! Papa Sherrell!  I get all of your dearelders! THANKS!!!!!!

4. I got a package from Stacey with a filtered straw. THANKS STACE -- love you! 

5. Grandpa Chuck, Grandma Lauradean! Thanks for the letter!  I love the poem at the end! Love you!!

Thanks for all of the letters and emails!!  I love all of you!
Much love, stay classy,
Hermana Minnick

I love this person. Hna. Ostler.

My group. We drove 5 hours to Guatemala on a bus yesterday to sign our names on a paper. Also they took a picture of me and didn't even count to three so that I could smile...

The fruit here is heaven!

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