Monday, September 30, 2013

General Conference Week!


Are you guys excited for conference? Don't make fun of me but sometimes when I think about it I cry because I'm so excited...

I feel like I wrote yesterday. The weeks are flying by, which scares me because I have A LOT of work to do here! This last week was weird. 

Every Wednesday we have intercambios because my companion is the Sister Training Leader.  Hermana Ostler and I usually work together which is a blast!  But on this day Hermana Byington (Hna. Ostler's compa) worked with me. Hermana Byington is probably the funniest missionary in the mission.  I love her.  However, bless her soul she woke up sicker than a dog.  So I ended up taking care of her all day while Hna. Ostler and Hna. Betancourth tried to work in both of our areas.  I actually got a lot done!  I listened to like 30 General Conference talks, I did two hours of language study which is like unheard of,  I unpacked (finally),  I cleaned,  and attempted to work out... 

We woke up at 5:00 am and I bet you guessed it...I woke up sicker than a dog.  On this day our entire zone went to La Maquina to "attack the area".  La Maquina is on the coast of Guatemala, it is about 2 hours away from my area by bus.  Have you ever experienced a bus ride in Guatemala?  Probably not.  I don't recommend you try it either.  Basically you get in a bus that can fit 40 but we fit 1,002 people plus 2 dogs and 50 buckets of maiz. The road to La Maquina is like the road to Hana but with twice the amount of potholes.  Let's just say it was not the most fun two hours for me.  Also, the drunk hombre sitting next to my companion threw up all over.  I think I can relate to the feelings Nephi had when they arrived to the promised land.  Anyways, our purpose there was to invite EVERYONE to an activity on Saturday called "Una Tarde de Talentos." (more on that later) and also to la conferencia de rama en Domingo.  I was seeing stars so I figured I should ask for a blessing.  I have complete faith in the power of the Priesthood.  After, they took me to a members house.  I fell asleep in a hammock, woke up three hours later completely sopping wet with fruit flies all over me, but I felt like a new person.  I'm good now mom, don't worry! 

We took the bus again back to La Maquina. The ride there is beautiful. I looked out of my window and all of the sudden I realized I was crying because it was so beautiful. Really, I have said it a thousand times, but my mission is BEAUTIFUL. 
The view from my roof!

This is what it is like....truly humbling!

The "Tarde de Talentos" was like Christmas with vanilla ice cream and snickers with a bag of lays chips on the side. Best thing of my life. I was laughing the entire time. The people here are so happy! 

Here is a glimpse of a Guatemalan "Tarde de Talentos" 

Basically, I am sick of excuses.  "I have to work",  "I have to wash",  "Tengo gripe",  "My Mom's aunt's half brother 3 times removed is coming to visit."  I don't want to hear it people! Sunday is important!!!!!  Why?  Because it is when we participate in La Santa Cena. It is the most important and sacred hour of your week.  Arrive to church on time, prepare, show the Savior your love for him by renewing your covenants with Him.  Repent.  Repenting is a beautiful thing. The price has already been paid.  The Savior's arms are always open. What are you thinking about during the sacrament?  If you are thinking about the food you are going to make when you get home, the cute baby in front of you, or picking your nose, I challenge you to remember WHY we take the sacrament.  Remember what the Savior did for you.  "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it HOLY." 

I love the Casas azules!

I love you guys.  Keep pressing forward!  Seguir adelante!  Jesus Christ lives and loves you! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the face of this earth. We have a prophet named Thomas S. Monson and this Saturday and Sunday we get to listen to his counsel!  Are you excited?!  I am!!!!!!  Take notes, not naps!!!

Con Mucho Amor,
Hna. Minnick

"Tarde de Talentos" 

Story of my Life! ... my comp and another Elder in the rain!

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