Monday, October 7, 2013

Greetings from Guate...

I just don't understand how another week has passed!!  But here I am!!!

Every week is crazy here in Guatemala but this week was extra crazy.

I started my week out with food poisoning. No, it wasn't from eating on the street or with a member... You'll never guess... it was SUBWAY. The only place where I can have a piece of spinach to put in my mouth and now I will never enter Subway ever ever again!!!  I hadn't thrown up for 10 years.... thanks Subway.

Also, this week we all had interviews with President Ruiz. He is incredible. I am learning so much from my leaders. He gave us a lot of good counsel and after he gave us this delicious banana bread (which I didn't eat) because in my interview he said and I quote (he said in Spanish):   

"Hermana Minnick, are you exercising? You are looking a little more llena (full)." 

I'm fat guys. My worst nightmare of being a fat missionary is not a nightmare anymore, its real life. So, I did not eat that banana bread. The dulce pan, tortillas, and chip days are over for me. 

General Conference:

Wow!!!  I loved every second I was able to hear! Saturday rocked because all of the nortes got to go in a room and watch in English. However, Sunday was a different story. So many people came that our English TV was converted into Spanish and the 10 nortes were smashed into the secretaries office to the buffering computer. So, on Sunday I didn't really get to watch conference. 

This picture describes General Conference in Guatemala. It took me 20 minutes to get this kid out. Im not kidding! Pobrecito.
(Note from Tami: I say he looks pretty comfy and she should have left him there!)

Just right in time for the afternoon session to start a huge rain storm came and all of the signal for Retalhuleu went out. We missed about 3 talks, I think.  During this time President Ruiz stood up and gave us a beautiful message. Also my companion leaned over to me and said something that really made me think:

"Hermana Minnick, you should be really grateful to listen to the literal voice of the prophet. I can't wait to learn English so that I can hear his voice and understand what he asks of us." 

How grateful am I to be able to hear the prophet's voice!  Later the signal came back on and we got to hear Elder Nelson and President Monson.  At first I was discouraged that I had to watch in Spanish but I got over it fast and realized that I could understand almost every word. It was so weird! I loved listening to our prophet speak in the language of my investigator sitting right next to me. I looked over and her eyes were so big, I knew that she was feeling the spirit!  I know that President Monson is a prophet called of God. Read the talks of the prophets and apostles over and over again! Put their words into practice!! 

I love love love you guys!  Thanks for all of the letters, emails, and prayers!  Stay happy, work hard and read The Book of Mormon!

Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Minnick

Mi Volcan

7 months for Hna. Betancourth!

This is abuelita Flora. I will never forget her baptism. (She has a fear of water)

Today my Zone had lunch with Presidente y Hermana Ruiz!

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