Monday, May 5, 2014

April Showers bring May...SHOWERS...

Volleyball and Tennis at the Presidents Home!
Does that pool look incredible, yeah we couldn't jump in...

Holy cow guys, thanks for all of the birthday wishes! I seriously didn't realize that it was this week until I got on to write and there were like 50 emails! Also, I apologize in advance because this computer screen has an ugly purple tint to it and it gives me a head ache. También I played volleyball all day in the sun so I am happily exhausted and I don't know if I will be able to make complete sentences for much longer!

So, you know how I said there are spacers in between our windows and anything smaller than my head can sneak into our house?  I hope you know it just took me 3 minutes trying to figure out how to do that question mark...Guatemalan keyboards!!!!!  Sorry, anyway, so I don't know what animal it was (I think it was a cat, I'm sorry but I just despise cats) came in and pooped all over my backpack sitting on the floor. It was a lot. And it was sunk deep into the material. When we got back from working out that morning we were all dry heaving because the entire house reeked and we could not figure out where this stench was coming from. Then, I heard my compa scream and start laughing her head off. I was so mad. I have an attachment with my mochila, we've been through a lot. So, I retired it, but not with out a fight! I washed it with hand sanitizer and febreeze and detergent like 5 times... RIP mochila. So, the next day I was kind of backpackless and President and Hermana Ruiz came to our zone to give us this awesome pump up talk. After everyone was laughing waaay hard at the picture and Pres y Hermana Ruiz saw it. So, they gave me this way awesome new one that says, "Misión Guatemala Retalhuleu",  I guess I should say thanks to that cat. 

           Its not a clear picture because I was shaking...haha

I have a cool investigator. When I say cool I mean like one of those rare ones who is just ready to apply every principle of the gospel to his life right when we invite him to do it.  His name is Jorge.  He came to General Conference and first thing he received a testimony that -- Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet. That made things a lot easier and I think Guatemala should have some more Jorges. He stopped drinking alcohol, coffee, and this Friday on May 9th he will marry his wife. I think that is a great birthday present don't you?!  The great thing is that he totally did this all by himself.  We taught, testified and invited and he just did it.  BECAUSE HE IS READY!!  I LOVE finding these precious souls! Jorge and his daughter Lourdes will be baptized this Saturday. We are still working on Blanca (wife) but I know she will be baptized.  

What else? Its rainy season again and I have yet to see an umbrella that will last so I've just given up and now I use a piece of plastic to at least keep my scriptures dry...

      My orange piece of plastic that keeps 1 percent of my body dry...

I ALMOST FORGOT!!!! Guess what... I got to go to Leonel's baptism!!!!!! We don't have permission to go back to our old areas to see investigators so I didn't really get my hopes up.  But I prayed and Hermana Betancourth somehow got me permission to go. It was such a tender mercy. I don't know if you guys could tell, but Samala was tough and la familia Hernandez always kept me going!  I spoke at his baptism and it was so wonderful to get to say a real goodbye to all of the ward members too! His wife will be baptised soon too! Miracles are real.

I look like a giant but its whatever...LA FAMILIA HERNANDEZ

Anyway, I just love you guys. Hermana Outsen and I talk about how much we love our families every day! I miss you all!  Remember to serve someone!

A cool tree and a cool companion!
Con amor,
Hermana Minnick

Okay all you lovers...
LAUREN AND COLBY!!! CONGRATS!! SO excitedddd!!!!
KYLEE! You looked so beautiful in your dress! I love you and I am so sad I couldn't be there!

To all of those people in my birthday video...I definitely shed tears and I wish I could watch that 20 more times. 

A special shout out to mom and dad because I reached 20 and I didn't do anything really dumb...yet. Do you guys feel old, cause I do...

To all of you who sent me a birthday email, card, pkg. etc.....Muchas gracias y I love you.  I wish I had more time to write all of you back.  I just really am grateful for your support and love!

So, I have always meant to send a chucho picture...they are EVERYWHERE
(Mom note: Zane wants this dog--he has already started begging)

This is what Batman did, and now I can share this picture because he is GONE.

Hunting in my jungle!

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