Monday, May 12, 2014

Smell the flores...

First of all, I LOVED seeing all of your beautiful faces yesterday!!! It was weird how normal it guys haven't changed at all. I'm glad you're all still crazy and weird and everything. This will probably be short because well, I told you everything yesterday...

1. We had a wedding. It was on my birthday. Satan didn't want it to happen, but it totally did and it was beautiful! We had doller (how in the world do you spell doller $..that looks so weird) store balloons and white lace. We also bought this really tasty cake (technically it was wedding cake but I just pretended it was birthday cake). The wedding was great but the whole time I was picturing Blanca and Jorge in the temple a year from now. That's when it really counts! 

A Guatemalan Wedding!
(Tam: remind me to show Whit this pic when
we are planning her wedding-- SIMPLE!) 

2. Jorge and his daughter Lourdes were baptized the next day! They are seriously awesome! Our ward is really excited about Jorge because we need some more sacerdocio!! He left church on Sunday with every single manual under the sun! He was glowing!!

I love baptisms more than volleyball, surgery, and
everything else that I love a lot!

3. Last the best of all the game... I know I already told you this yesterday mom, pero, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! I actually thought about you a lot more on my birthday. I think we all have birthdays backwards! I didn't do anything to be here! You did all the hard work! So, thanks mom for being literally the most wonderful, hardworking, and loving person on this planet! WESTON, hang out with mom while ya can! You will MISS her...mark my words!

4. La Obra Misional en Guatemala is moving FORWARD! I love this work and I know that it is true! Read your scriptures, say your prayers and SMILE because frowns are ugly and nobody wants to look ugly! In this change I have learned to just smell the flowers instead of the dog poop. There is always gonna be dog poop but we don't need to waste our time smelling it. I've learned that I cannot control everything, even though I'd really like to, that is just not possible! Do your best and smile and laugh when you mess up. I love you family!! 

Con amor,
Hermana Minnick

Turned 20 in a jungle!!!

Can you please hang up a hammock in my room?
Hermana Terry and Hermana Parker made me these cool balloons!!
(Tam: Julie Terry your craft lives on!!  Jac is on it!!!)

We finally bought umbrellas!

Skype time - Hermanas Outsen & Minnick


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