Friday, May 23, 2014

Black rolly chairs, air conditioning and conversion...

I'm worried. Why? Because I've been sitting in the big black comfy chair way too much. It's a rolly one (I like those). When I need something on the other side of the room I don't even stand up, I just roll my way on over. I just don't want to be gorda, ya know? I also freeze in this office. Its like Antarctica. I get cold in 80 degree weather when the sun sets. Its always a war with the Elders and the AC. (Tam note: good marriage prep! This will never end)  

But it's all good. I am totally not complaining because it has been a good break for my body. Less sun, less walking. However there is also a lot of running all over the place to take care of the missionaries and I'm fast asleep before my head even hits the pillow. It has been a fun and productive 2 weeks with Hermana Garcia!

This was me literally like 2 minutes ago... its me and my chair...

Parasites are giving us grief. They are such a pain. If I could, I would have the US import a bunch of hand scrubs that surgeons and surg techs use, I would teach all of the missionaries how to wash their hands correctly. Also I wish I could dump a bottle of chloro in every pila and put every street food place out of business. Or maybe I was thinking that I could put some type of  shock collar on all of the missionaries so that if they walk within a 10 ft radius of street food they won't have a second thought about eating it. (Probably not an option, but just throwin it out there) I would also remind the Elders that their Moms DID teach them how to clean and that they should pick up their brooms and take out their garbage. This doesn't apply to all of them...sometimes applies to me :)  Other than that, our missionaries are pretty healthy and happy!!!  I don't know who reads this, but I want you all to know that we really are doing our best to take care of the missionaries. We aren't perfect but we are working hard! 

As for the missionary side of things, life rocks. We don't get to work in our area a lot, but we are setting goals and accomplishing them!  We have so many people that are ready. Remember how I said that I wish there were more "Jorges"in Guatemala? Well, there are. There is always someone prepared! Estuardo is preparing to be baptized on May 31st! He loves reading the Book of Mormon. I have learned that The Book of Mormon is the most POWERFUL tool in conversion!! You should read it...just sayin'.

My smart nurse companion, Hermana Garcia!

Speaking of conversion, yesterday we had the opportunity to be in a conference with President Duncan (the new area president of Centro America). It was AWESOME!! First, he talked about how mission presidents are called. It truly is a call from God. I sustain my mission president fully. I have loved having the opportunity to work closer with President and Hermana Ruiz. They are awesome! Anyway, President Duncan said that before we get married, we should call the mission president of our "possibility" and ask, "President, what kind of missionary was Elder (the one you want to marry)?" President Duncan said that they will tell us the truth. So, I'm going to do that. 

Sorry, I totally just got side tracked...Conversion. With every single question asked yesterday, President Duncan always related it back to conversion! Conversion is not something difficult. It is simple!!! President Duncan is telling you, the scriptures are telling you, the prophets are telling you and will continue to tell you that by SMALL AND SIMPLE things great things are brought to pass. When it all comes down to it, we will NOT be shaken and we will NOT fall if we are searching and pondering the Book of Mormon every day. We can’t be led away if we pray morning and night, personally, and with your spouse and family. We won’t fail if we worthily partake the sacrament every Sunday. Blessings will not falter if we faithfully pay a full-tithe. The spirit won’t depart as we strive to keep our covenants. Our families will be protected as we attend the temple. I know these things are true. Conversion is simple. If we let go of the rod for a second, we can come back. Heavenly Father wants us to come back and that’s why he sent his son. I am so grateful for the atonement. I know that all of this is true. I am becoming more and more converted each day. I invite each of you to do these small and simple things! I promise blessings, so many blessings that there will hardly be room to receive them!

I love you Mom, Dad, Weston and Zane! You guys are the best. Please help the missionaries. They need you and you need them.

Con amor,
Hermana Minnick

P.S. The other day President asked me if I could drive…I said yes. (I almost said no) Wish me luck driving a huge truck in Guatemala.

Whit didn't send any shoutouts today, but here are her answers to a few questions I asked her today while emailing:

Me: "What is your housing like?": 
Whit: "Not nice, BUT we are moving into the senior couples house that left in June and it has a WASHER AND A DRYER -- I THINK I MIGHT CRY!"

In response to the pic I sent her of Jay, Weston & "sleepy bear" in Alaska:
Whit: "Holy crap. I don't like that they are killing bears. That's sad. They are just minding their own business!!!!!!!"  

Me:  "Do you have your driver's license?  Do you need more paperwork to drive?" 
Whit: "Yeah, I have my drivers license... its just crazy to drive here. There are NO laws."
Me: Sigh...  calling insurance agent    (Whit is a great driver)  

In response to a pic I sent of Whit's cousin, Elder Bench (the model missionary), on a pamphlet for missionaries using technology:

Elder Bench - Blond in dark suit!!
(Pamphlet for missionaries who use technology -  interesting!!!!)

Whit: "WE HAVE A GALAXY PHONE with internet at all time....I like it...I like technology!  I think its cooler than the iPhone...hahaha jk"  
Me:  "Samsung is a swear word at the Minnick's..."  I also have laughed all week at this pic.  Reminded me of one of the letters Whitney wrote while in the MTC... just for your weekend enjoyment, I pasted a portion of that letter below!  The pic of Jordan on the pamphlet was what they were doing that day!!  :)  

Repost from Whit's blog in the MTC 7/6/13  
"Funny Story (At least I think it's funny, but I may have lost my sense of humor): On Tuesdays we do a service project. This week we were the lucky ones who got to empty out ALL of the trash in the women's bathroom-if you know what I mean. It was not fun. You would think the sisters here would be clean, but NO that would be a lie. Anyways, we were looking really beautiful in our grungy work out clothes with our hair on top of our heads, sweating too! We had to carry literally like 20 bags full of trash out to the dumpsters. I guess on the same day the MTC was doing a photo shoot with the more attractive looking missionaries. Well, that photo shoot was taking place right next to the dumpsters and there was no way to get to the dumpsters other than walking straight though the photo shoot. There were two sisters (from our zone) who are literally drop dead gorgeous and also two elders... I bet you can guess who! Yes, Elder Bench (my cousin) and his companion. To make things worse, we were each carrying three huge black leaking smelly bags full of who knows what! It was so embarrassing! The head photographer said to us, "Um, do you mind running through?" So, because I felt bad I tried to half run jog walk but that doesn't work when you only have two arms and three bags bigger than your own body. So trash was falling out left and right and juices of every kind were spilling all over me. It was a good time. All four of us had to make three trips! I wanted to jump in the picture and yell, "THIS IS WHAT A REAL MISSIONARY LOOKS LIKE!" Hahaha. We are the Cinderellas of the MTC. We laughed about it all day! Elder Bench did a great job modeling though! He is my claim to fame!

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