Saturday, June 21, 2014

Back on schedule....

Hi family,

We are back on schedule. Finally. I should have my p-days on Fridays from now on... unless I have changes, which is possible, because we have some sister missionaries who can't walk in the mission and need some rest, so I would take their spot back out in the campo...we will see what happens.

All of my wildest dreams came true today in Guatemala. I never thought in a million years I would eat sushi in Guatemala, but I did. It definitely wasn't the best I've had, BUT.. It was SUSHI!! President asked me if he could try some. Hermana Ruiz tried it and did a "this is disgusting gagging face" but their daughter liked it. I told them they needed to come to the United States and try "real" sushi. 

This week was good. I don't know why, but I am 100% more tired being in "the office" than I ever was in the field. We are always running around doing something. On Tuesday I drove to San Marcos (the mountains) and back in one day to help with some of the emergency changes for the sisters. I am so grateful for all of the canyon driving I did in Utah. So many curves... 

As for the field side of things, we have two progressing investigators!! (That is a miracle for how much time we work in our area) Paulino and Maria Jose. They are great. I know that they will be baptized. 

Write me good emails. Or letters. And send me pictures of your beautiful Lake Powell trip.

Hermana Minnick

A guy came to our house this week and was searching for a Gringa to take him to the US.  He told us he helped kill Saddam Hussein.  HE WOULD NOT LEAVE!  We ended up sleeping in a hotel for two nights and the AP's have asked us to find a new place to live.

TAMI NOTE: Whit only told me about moving AFTER I asked her if they had their new appliances hooked up.  She said "No..because we are moving...".   I do know from reading many blogs of the Sisters and Elders in the mission that there seems to be constant movement and change of housing in order to keep the missionaries safe.  Lots of break-ins and stalker stories. Whit always says she will tell me more when she is home. CAN'T WAIT :/  

We've been through it all together!
(MTC COMPS!  Hermanas Parker, Minnick, Ostler --
missing Bontempo in Houston, TX)

It took me three hours to hand wash a month's worth of clothes...
TAMI NOTE:  yes... I send too many pkgs. and yes, they all have clothes. Downeast and Sister Missionary Mall have some cute stuff!!  :) 

So, I whipped this beautfiul thing out today.
I fogot about it in my suitcase for a year.
Trish, I need help-- I forgot how to use it!  

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