Monday, June 30, 2014

More advice for Westyyyy!

Buenas tardes familia! 

So, I am sorry that my p-day changes. Its a pain, I know. I don't know what to tell ya... I never know what is going to happen with my schedule. I am still in the office. There are still pros and cons to that. I really miss working in the field and my companion can tell. The other day she told me, "Hermana Minnick, in all of the time I have been the mission nurse (10 months) I have never worked so much in the field until you came along!" I think that is a good thing. We are really trying to manage our time wisely! My companion doesn't have much experience as a missionary so it has been a good experience to help her. She helps me learn about nursing stuff, and I help her work as a missionary. We make a good team. I have also been helping her with her English. The office is filled with gringos and so she is picking it up quickly! I am going to make the most out of my time here. I just want to make sure I finish my mission giving everything I have got! We will see what happens. I am so happy and I am willing to go where the Lord needs me!

Right now Paulino is progressing very well. Today we will teach him the Ley de Castidad! Keep the commandments people! Life is always easier that way.

This week was really busy because the new missionaries came in. We had to do health interviews with all of them and give a presentation. Their eyes are always big during the dog bite and parasite slides. haha. Welcome to Guatemala. Also two families from the United States came to pick up their missionaries. It was so weird! I went to go and kiss one of the Moms on the cheek and then I realized that is not normal in the US. Oops. They were all so TALL. It's nice to know that I am not a giant in real life. 

Holy cow!!!! I cannot believe that Westy leaves in 11 DAYS!!!! Live it up Weston!! Take a ton of pictures!! West- start eating spicy, chili... you should start getting used to it. Here are my last words of advice to you:

1. Don't be a wimp. Missions are hard. Asi es. You are going to be going to a country with a culture completely different than yours, new language, new food, new life style, new schedule, you will have a person attached to the side of your hip for the next two years!! Of course, you will have an adjusting period, and maybe you will hate what is happening for a minute or 5 (I'm just being real). This is what you gotta do: One, pray. Two, laugh your head off at your situation. Three, make your companion your BEST FRIEND. Four, don't waste your time wishing for things that you can't have. Five, this is the MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE I CAN GIVE: Forget about yourself!!! When you forget about yourself, there are NO PROBLEMS. Lose your pride and love the people. I have seen in my mission that when I am sad, it is because I am thinking about myself. Don't do it! it is a waste of the Lord's time! 

2. Be 100% honest in your journal. Don't sugarcoat it. All of the missionaries say, "Well what will happen when my kids read it?" They will be able to see the sacrifice you made. Maybe, you will be able to help them understand the atonement. A mission is not supposed to be all flowers and happy smiles. In order to be a disciple of Christ, sometimes we must suffer even as he did. Also, it is super funny to re-read. Be honest! Write in your journal as much as you can! 

3. Write mom good letters. 

4. Be a BOLD missionary. Not the in your face type, but a quiet bold. lead by example. Never be afraid to open your mouth! ABRIR LA BOCA! What do ya got to lose? It doesn't matter if you can't speak Spanish, the more you talk the faster it comes.

5. In every moment remember who you are: A representative of Jesus Christ and a son of God. Always live worthy of your calling. We have the authority but we must work to have the power. 

I love you Weston! I am proud of you! You should be so pumped to get down to Mexico! In these last days, be with the family. Good luck tomorrow with your farewell talk! Pound the pulpit! I am glad that you are going on the mission because now I will actually get a letter from you once in a while. :) 


Con amor,
Hermana Minnick

Shout outs:
Well, the only person who writes me is Grandma Linda!! I love you grandma! I am sending you a letter today!

P.S. I know that its been over a year but don't forget about me. You're all great. 

I was on the good end of the chain!

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