Monday, June 16, 2014

Semana 52.

So this week was crazy. Can someone please give me some more synonyms for crazy? You are probably getting bored of hearing me say that. We finished interviews with President and I probably spent more time in a car than I ever have in my life. I never got bored though because it is like riding on a roller coaster. Guatemala is one big speed bump with pot holes. I need a massage. Also, Guatemala is gorgeous and the car window has a permanent mark from my forehead...too bad they don't have Windex here. I miss Windex. I had to inspect all the missionaries homes with Hermana Ruiz.  Anyway, I could tell you about all of the dirty, clean, pretty, smelly houses I saw but that would bore you and probably scare you. We finally finished ALL of the interviews. It was fun and tiring and I am ready to be on a semi-normal schedule now! 

We did manage to have a couple of lessons in our area this week. One was with Hno Polo. He is the coolest little Guatemalan guy. Estuardo is his grandson- Hno Polo brought him to church.  BTW... Estuardo blessed the sacrament on Sunday. I was just sitting on my little bench beaming the whole time. Back to Hno. Polo and how he is the best. First, he is the best because he brought Estuardo to church and then he got baptised and now he is blessing the sacrament. Second, he is so Christlike. He has literally nothing. But in our lesson he said, "The Lord has blessed me with more than I deserve. I am thankful for everything I have." I just looked around and thought, "What does he have? " This lesson hit me hard. I respect Hno Polo so much and I know that the Lord has a mansion waiting for him in heaven. When we found him he was studying his Liahona and scriptures. He has what is truly important. 

This is Hermano Polo.
He is the most humble person I have ever met.
This is where Hermano Polo studies.
I want to build him a house.

So, I am just loving and taking in every second I have here in Guatemala. Missions are the best. You should go on one.

Also, Dad, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I love you! You are the best dad. Hands down. Practice your Spanish. Are we on the same page?

Hermana Minnick 

Shoutout to Westy! I am so proud of you! 

Across that river is Mexico.  They are waiting for you Weston! 
This is my two year old boyfriend! His name is Emilio.
Every time I walk past his house he yells, "MINNIIIIII VENGA!"

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