Monday, March 17, 2014

Just keep on keepin on....

Many prophets have said that the best way to be happy in the mission field is to "WORK WORK WORK!" True story guys. I didn't give myself 10 minutes to sit down and think. It was awesome!! 

Anyway, Guatemala continues to be crazy. For instance, while teaching my investigator Lucy the plan of salvation all of the sudden her one-year old sat down on my foot and went to the bathroom. She was so embarrassed... but I just laughed and went and found a rain puddle after to clean it off. It has rained everyday!!! Truly a blessing! Also yesterday in church everyone decided to forget their hymn books so I sang the sacrament hymn all by myself!!!  And, it was acapella!!!  

La obra en Samala is moving forward! We are working so hard to baptize these precious souls! It has been challenging but we are reactivating a lot.

La familia Chaperno:
He is a returned missionary who is the only member in his family. He served an honorable mission to Honduras, and then came home to a less than supportive family. He started to fall away. It was the little things you guys, he didn't pray.  He didn't read the scriptures. He stopped taking the sacrament weekly. He fell away completely. He drank, a lot. Even though he was always drinking, he found his wife and they got married and had their first son (my favorite baby in Guatemala). My companion and I started to visit them. We felt that there was a definite need to teach the atonement. The spirit was strong and he cried. He met with the Bishop and started the beautiful process of repentance. Now, they come to church every Sunday. His wife teaches in the relief society. His son, Santiago, even has a badge that says "futuro misionero". Two Sundays ago we were sitting in Stake conference and I was feeling sad..investigatorless. But, I looked up and saw their family sitting up front on the comfy benches. I was so happy that this family could return. In December they will be sealed in the temple. That is what the work of salvation is all about! The temple! RESCATAR!

I love this work! It is the most important work we can do! I hope that you are all praying daily to recognize and experience where you can share the gospel and save a life. Never forget what the Lord did for you, and what He expects of you. Especially remember that He loves you.

"Si me amais, guardad mis mandamientos."

"Keep smiling... even if your teeth are crooked..." the Guatemalans taught me that.

Hermana Minnick

P.S.  Weston...Mom sent me your mission pictures. My Latina companions saw them and ALL week long they have called me "cuñada".  Do you know what that means? Sister-in-law. They think you are "muy guapo".  I love you soon to be Elder Minnick!  The Lord will call you where He needs you!

Tan Chulas! 
 "Too Cool"

TWINS for a day!

I live in a pueblo where the women wear "wraps"  and work really hard...

Hermana Leyva!

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