Monday, March 31, 2014

Big Sister Advice...

My dearest Westifer, my email time is dedicated to you!

MEXICO!!!!!!! When I saw Queretaro I thought, "Canada?" (Quebec is basically the same thing)  My companion laughed hard at that one! She lives like 3 hours from your mission and she says that it is one of the most beautiful parts of Mexico. There are people waiting for YOU Weston!!! I am so excited for you! I just thought I would send you some big sister advice. I'm no expert so take it or leave it. (but you should probably just take it).

Things you should do/not do before your mission...

1. Obviously: Study the scriptures daily, preach my gospel, pray. Just do'll be more prepared when you enter the field and therefore happier!
2. Don't ever say one time before you leave, "Ugh. Get me out of here! I just want to leave RIGHT now!" I said that a million times before I left, and do you want to know what it was? Just a big fat waste of my precious time! Enjoy NOW! Especially enjoy our family because I'd say that on most days we are enjoyable people. Go hike a mountain, blast your favorite music, and take Zane for ice cream! Hang out with mom and dad because they are awesome parents. Don't do anything dumb that would cause broken bones or bad gotta be ready to serve 2 years with all of your heart, might, mind and strength!
3. Go swimming.
4. Sleep in...but only twice. There's a scripture in D&C about not being idle... 
5. Don't get a girlfriend. Just have friends that are girls to write you letters for two years. Prepare to "lock your heart" buddy boy. Don't be the Elder that flirts in the MTC.
6. Don't wait to pack. Don't pack ugly ties. Short sleeve shirts. Trust me. 
7. Don't wait the night before your farewell to write your talk. (Learn from my mistakes. I didn't even write a talk.  oooops)
8. Start being a missionary NOW! TODAY!
9. Have Dad teach you how to bear your tesimony and say prayers in Spanish. You'll be grateful for any head start.
10. Write me letters.

What I have learned on my mission that I would like to share with you...

11.  Be obedient. Why? Because its the first law in heaven. Why? Because obedience brings blessings. Everyone wants blessings but not everyone wants to be obedient. The children of God in Queretaro deserve to hear the message of the restored gospel from a missionary who is righteous, obedient and has the spirit. When it comes to obedience, there are no questions asked. Never let a companion, member, or investigator convince you otherwise. We aren't perfect, but we can strive to always be perfectly obedient! You will hear this a million times on your mission. "Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles.  I testify of that.
12.  Choose to love your companion. Look for things you have in common. Be patient. Sometimes you will want to punch them. Don't do it. Remember who they have to put up with: YOU. Do your comapnion a favor and chew with your mouth closed and keep your room clean. 
13. In your shopping cart every Monday you should have three things:
       a. Eggs...they are so easy to make. If you are really Jay Minnick's son, you better know how to make eggs.
       b. Snack pack chocolate pudding. Enough said.
       c. Something green, because after your mission you have to get married. Don't come home fat. 
14. Always study for your investigators!
15. It doesn't matter where you are, who you're with, if you're a district leader, zone leader, or even assistant to the president. You are there to serve the Lord...not to receive recognition. Serve quietly and humbly, always submit to the will of the Lord. Don't compare yourself to other missionaries! Don't judge them either!  Serve, love and always be faithful first to the Lord, then to your mission president, then to your companion. 
16. Tanner (here's your Shoutout) sent me a quote last Monday and now I will share it with you, "I don't stop when I'm tired, I stop when I'm done."  I dont want to see your face until 2016.  Kapeesh?  *Exception Mother's Day and Christmas.
17.  Don't be a robot. Missionaries aren't robots. They are disciples of Christ. Our Savior is happy and joyful. So are you, share that with others! You make people laugh, your personality is warm, and WESTON,  you are a people person! You got that from Mom (I wasn't lucky to inherit that trait).  La gente en Queretaro will LOVE you!  Be you and be happy!  Especially laugh at your mistakes because you will make them.
18.  Be patient with the language. It will come! vas a poder hablar como un latino a no time!!! Never ever be afraid to open up your mouth and talk, even if you sound like a dying gringo goat.
19.  Start practicing your FUTBOL skills. 
20.  Never contend with your investigators! Here's what I do when someone wants to rip apart the pure doctrine of Christ. I scoot forward in my chair and look them right in the eyes and I wait until I have their attention. Then, I bear my testimony. The purest testimony I have! Always bear testimony because that is when the spirit works the strongest!  With conviction, power, authority and sincerity, nobody can deny that. A pure testimony!
21.  Your time to serve as a full-time missionary is short!  Use the Lord's time wisely.  Give it all you've got, even when you think you can't!  The Lord qualifies those He calls! I love you Weston! You will bring many unto Christ!!!!

There's a lot more advice I could give, but you'll learn and re-learn all of these things for yourself!! I LOVE YOU WESTON!!

Okay...update on my area:
1. Jose did not get baptized. It was a little devasting to receive a text message on the day of his baptism that said, "perdoneme" (forgive me).  He is having trouble with some of the commandments, but we are going to set goals again. We won't give up! 
2. It is HOT. I'm talking, "Let's make scrambled eggs on our sidewalk" kind of hot!
3.The church is true and I am happy and blessed to be a missionary!

I love you my family,
Hermana Minnick

Marta Cooper! Thank you for the letter! Voy a escribirte hoy! 
Renee Bontempo!! I loved the package!! THANK YOU!!
Ashley Russell!! I loved your letter and I LOVE SAM!! Playing in the toilet water is not THAT BAD!
Grandma Linda! I got about 10 letters from you!! I LOVE YOU!!

Folks, its mango season.

My area!

My investigator's "house"

All little kids throughout the world have on thing in common..they play in dirt.

This little girl was practicing writing her "q's" in cursive.

             Hermano Beto and his wife getting ready to leave for church.

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