Monday, March 24, 2014

Put on your glasses!!!

"Stop squinting Hermana Minnick!" I hear this everyday, followed by, "Put on your glasses! Do you want lines in your forehead when you get older?" (That's one of the many things I love about my Latina companions..they help me with my outer beauty, although because I'm stubborn I tend to do the exact opposite of what they say).  

I don't like putting on my glasses here:

1. The people laugh at me and they are a huge distracting object on my face.
2. I look like a scientist...not that that is bad, but I am supposed to look like a cute sister missionary (impossible to be cute here #iSweat).

Anyway, after many times of telling me to put on my glasses, my companion did it for me. I kept them on...for a day. I don't have horrible vision but they do make a difference. I was like, "Wow! How cool is that! I can see! I can read that sign and see every detail in the tropical flower!" And my investigators...I could see them from a mile away (some of them didn't like that!!!)

Right now you're probably wondering if I am an eye doctor or missionary...but on my mission I've developed this new talent where I can relate anything and everything to the gospel. Cool right? When I put on my glasses I was awed by the beauty of Guatemala...things that I had walked past a million times a day I saw with new eyes. It made me think, is this what its like when we haven't read the scriptures for a while, but then one day we pick them up and start reading? Or when we have become "too busy" to get down on our knees and pray but suddenly something reminds us, "kneel. pray." Is this what its like when we remember our blessings and covenants after a long time of being caught up in the routine of life? I think so. That's why I love the atonement. It allows us to put our glasses back on-so that we can see with an eternal perspective what truly matters, who we truly are, and what we are doing here on earth. I love it when an investigator puts his glasses on and prays or reads the Book of Mormon. They start to see the world and themselves with different eyes...The way that God sees them. 

We have an investigator named Jose. We have been working with him for a while now but something was still missing! After a lot of pondering about his challenges I felt that he needed to read Enos 1. He read it, and he prayed about it and his eyes were opened to who he truly is. A son of God. This Saturday is his date to be baptized! Please pray for Jose!

I think it is hard for us to understand how much potential we truly have and how important we are to our Father in Heaven. But, I do know that as we "put on our glasses" our eyes will open and maybe we will be able to understand just a little bit better the perfect love God has for each of his children. 

I noticed that for a long time I was walking through my area asking myself, "Is that a person or a tree? A platano or banana? (the truth is even with glasses I can't tell the difference, but they both taste good so who cares). The point is that if we don't have our glasses on, Satan can trick and deceive us. He is so so smart at making bad things look good. Satan attacks us slowly at first, small things...He is so smart-- I've learned that on my mission. But you know what, I am smarter and so are you, if we keep our glasses on! 

Put on your glasses! If you aren't studying the scriptures -- Study!  Daily!

If you're struggling to pray, get down on your knees until you feel God's love for you!

If you are struggling to feel the guidance of the Spirit, evaluate your life. Live in harmony with the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ and then listen. He will lead, guide and protect you.

If you are sad, smile. Even if you don't want to. Then, get a piece of paper and stare at it until you can write at least 10 things that you are grateful for. If you are worrying about tomorrow or next week, think about eternity!

I know its easier to say than do. But just try it, okay?

When you put on your glasses people will notice. I put mine on right before Zone meeting... 

"Hermana Minnick, you have glasses?! How cute!!"   or...   "Oh how nice..." Then ten of them asked to try them on. They wanted to put on my big, geek, glasses. When we put on our glasses people notice and they want to put on glasses too. When we begin to pray, read the scriptures, smile, and LIVE the gospel...people notice. They feel and see the warm light that radiates from you. They will want what you have and you will be able to help them "put on their glasses".  

President Uchtdorf says, "Everyone wants to be happy. When we members of the church radiate the light of the gospel, people can see our happiness and sense the love of God filling and overflowing in our lives. They want to know why. They want to understand our secret. That leads them to questions such as, Why are you so happy? or Why do you always have such a positive attitude?" 

That's why I love the gospel. It's contagious. I've seen investigators, members, and missionaries put on their glasses and usually two or three people follow their example. 

I know that we can't always have a huge plastered smile on our faces. We're not clowns, we are humans. But, share the gospel by the way that you live. Show others that through your trials you can find strength and peace in the gospel of Jesus Christ! I am grateful for Guatemala and that here I am learning to put on my glasses. I know the church is true! Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet and we get to hear from him soon! The Book of Mormon is true true true!  Put on your glasses and read it!

Hermana Minnick

P.S. Weston! Here's your homework:  Listen to "The Divine Call of a Missionary" by Elder Ronald A. Rasband!  Listen tonight!  I am so excited for you!  Your call truly is divine and you are and will continue to be an outstanding missionary!  I give you permission to open your letter that says "open right before you open your mission call", tonight! Open it tonight! I LOVE YOU!! Don't forget to tell me where you're going!  

NOTE from Tam...I don't think we will forget to tell Whit where Weston is going....does she know who she is dealing with?  I've already stalked the mailman this week :/

P.S.S.  TYSHA and MASON!  I love you!!!  Congrats on a beautiful wedding day.  My mom sent me lots of pictures!!!  You are a beautiful bride and I was so sad to miss your incredible day!  Love you!!!

Put on your glasses!!!!!

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