Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Mr. Blog,
22...What does this number mean to me? Let me tell ya: H E double hockey sticks. Yep. This semester, being idiot Whitney, I signed up for 22 credit hours. I'm taking 12 at SLCC and 10 at BYU. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

1. After this semester I refuse to take more than 16 credit hours.
2. I do not have Chemistry with Chemistry (285)... or anyone else for that matter (no social life)
3. Book of Mormon is a hard class. Very hard.
4. I go to bed on average at 1:45am.
5. Clementines always get me through a tough day.
6. My backpack weighs more than me. (When I put it in the front seat of my car I have to buckle it up so that the dang beeping seatbelt alarm shuts up)
7. Chemistry sucks all happiness and joy from my soul. (5 days of the week) Fun sucker.. :(
8. I've written approximately googleplex papers this semester.
9. I'm grateful for my awesome memorization skills.
10. I'm one of those people who prays in the testing center.
11. Yesterday my last highlighter died. I'm lost now.
12. I hate iClickers more than chocolate.
13. I have 8 professors who think that their subject is the most important.
14. The best part of my day is lip syncing Beyonce in the mirror.
15. I refuse to wear my glasses in class, so I'm a front row sitter.
16. When I need therapy I go outside and look at my mountains.
17. "Maybe I should go to hair school."-Me. Everyday
18. My roommates are angels sent from heaven and help me survive on the hard days.
19. Whitney Study/Homework/Still Have A Buttload of Fun While Doing it Minnick
20. I cheer when I see 78% on the testing center screen.
21. My Mom is seriously the best Mom. Ever. I love you Mom.
22. I've learned a lot. I've learned that I can do hard things.

Let's just say that I won't let my future kid pick 22 for the back of their jersey.

 My to do list....

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