Wednesday, April 17, 2013

They're BAAAAACK...

Hi Mr. Blog,
The dreaded finals are back, and I am shaking in my boots. First, because every time I hear the word, "final", "exam", or "test" my vital signs go opposite of normal, my hands get all sweaty, and I receive this burning desire to jump in my car and drive straight to neverland. Second, I need to pass my classes with high enough grades to make it into BYU's Nursing program (For me C's DO NOT get degrees). And third, because who wants to study their brains out 24/7 and completely lose it mentally? NOT ME!! No sir, I would rather watch Jersey Shore and eat dark chocolate for a week straight, and that's sayin somethin! Anyways, while it would be nice if I could rub a lamp and Mr. Genie could help me wish away my finals, I know that Aladdin is stingy with the blue guy, so I need a different plan of action. For the next week you can find me in the library with my face an inch away from a Chem text book soaking in all information possible.  And I'll do it with a smile (k maybe a half smile) because in 55 days I'll be on a plane to Guatemala. That motivates me!! The faster I finish, the closer I'll be to speaking the good old language of EspaƱol to my long lost hermanos y hermanas!
BRING IT ON FINALS....I'm almost ready...


Watch this video that I laughed really hard at..Props to BYU Divine Comedy!!

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