Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boys Smell, but I've got febreeze!

Hi Mr. Blog,
I'm alive. I survived finals. I am officially done with all of my generals!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!  I've also survived moving home from my cute little dorm that housed some of my favorite people in the world. I will miss my little roommates and my wonderful ward. But, I am excited for everyone to move forward onto bigger and better things!! I never thought I would ever say this, but I love Provo along with its awkward couples and babies everywhere and mormons and J Dawgs and beautiful mountains. I will truly miss it!!
However, it is good to be home!(mostly) Let me tell ya Mr. Blog, I was so afraid to go live with six girls when I moved down to BYU. I grew up with all boys, I have mostly boy cousins, my mom has all brothers, my dad has all brothers...I am just there, a girl, surrounded by men. I have grown up with burping, farting, belching, tooting (sorry if that offends you) it is normal at our house. Can I just say that living with six girls WAS A DREAM!!! They were clean, smelled good, and they were nice and didn't tackle me at random times in the day. I was never told to pull a finger...it was nice. Besides finding hairballs everywhere, I loved living with nice mannered people. I forgot Mr. Blog. After 8 months of bliss, I forgot what it was like to live with boys, and boy was I in for a rude awakening! Currently, my entire house is torn up. Back yard, front yard, basement, bed room, bathroom all in shambles!!! All of my stuff is still packed in bins who knows where and it literally takes me an hour to find any piece of clothing to cover my body. All 5 of us are sharing a bathroom. (FUN TIMES). Weston, Zane and I have been sharing two mattresses on the work out room floor for the past two nights. Let me rephrase that--for the last two most horrible, smelly, sweaty, (fill in gross adjectives) nights. I need to repent on Sunday because I found myself praying that my 5 senses would be taken away so that I could survive the night. I decided to sleep on the couch tonight (why didn't I think of that before?) and I'm now starting to enjoy being home. So yeah, boys are smelly and I am missing my roommates. I don't know how my wonderful mother survived without me for the past 8 months. But really, I am so happy to be home! My brothers are the cutest and I only have a month left with them, so I need to learn to embrace the smell really fast. I love my Weston and Zane! I'm also grateful to have my awesome parents who work so hard to make our home peaceful and happy. They have done such a great job with raising my crazy brothers and my stubborn self. I love HOME! So for the next month I am going to soak in every ounce of it!

Home is Where the Boys Smell


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